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Your Questions About Las Vegas Weather

November 8, 2012

Ruth asks…

How far (exactly how many miles) is it from las Vegas, Nev. to Phoenix, Az?

Glancing at the current weather conditions in Las Vegas, Nevada, I see that it is now cooler than Amarillo, Texas!
I also see that just a few miles south of Vegas is considerably hotter in Phoenix, Az.

How many miles is this span from Las Vegas to Phoenix?

Administrator answers:


^^^ Road distance

Flat straight across looks like around 180-200 miles

Mandy asks…

weather in las vegas this coming weekend?

Administrator answers:

Fri, Sat and Sunday will be 78 during the day and 51 at night. Though that low temp usually isn’t until around 4 or 5 in the morning. Saturday is suppose to be windy so be prepared for that. The wind can get pretty strong here. Sunny every day though. Have fun.

James asks…

I`m planning on traveling to San Francisco, L.A & Las vegas on Feb, what`s the weather like? What should I pak?

I`m not from the states and I was wondering if the morings and nights are cold and afternoon warm, or if it`s cold all day usually.

Should I take a swim suit?
Dresses? Jackets? sweaters? flip flops? hahaha I`m really lost, so all suggestions are appreciated!


Administrator answers:

San Fran is still pretty cool in the day and night. LA is well amazing but cool at night and Vegas it depends on the day here. I would not think that you will need a winter coat (unless you are cold all the time like me) I know some of the pools are open if you are staying on the strip in Las Vegas so maybe a swim suit if you have room but it is not a must there are so many things to do and see besides a pool! Have fun and travel safe!!!

Laura asks…

december weather in las vegas ??

im going to vegas in december ,for the BIG FIGHT ,not a clue what to take ,hot or cold clothing
ill be in the bars most of the time !!!!!!!!!

Administrator answers:

We were there las dec. It was chilly ( a little colder than usual)I think 40 45 degrees with strong wind.Although that only matters when you are outside walking from bar to bar.

Ken asks…

I will be in Las Vegas March 8th-12th 2009, how should I pack? How is the weather? What are the crowds like?

Administrator answers:

It WON’T be hot. Yet. It’ll be nice a warm and perhaps windy.

Pack casually.

Thomas asks…

Las Vegas around the Christmas Time – Weather ?

hey everyone ,

I have a question , how is the weather around christmas and happy new year in Las Vegas ?

I am from Germany and I want to Travel around the X-mas time but I am not sure if the weather is cold or warm

so help me out haha


Administrator answers:

I’ve been to vegas several times in december and it’s usually pretty cold. It’s rained a couple times, but it has also been sunny. Even when the sun is out, the temperatures are still chilly

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