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Your Questions About Las Vegas Weather

November 19, 2012

Mary asks…

what is the weather like in las vegas nevada, this time of year?

Administrator answers:

It is beautiful. Shorts weather yesterday and today. High today, above normal, at 90 with sunshine and a very light breeze. But next week for us it will be cool in the upper 70s

Mark asks…

Weather in las vegas?

Administrator answers:

Las Vegas, NV or Las Vegas, NM? Las Vegas, NV is hot. Its over 100 degrees during the day. At night it’s in the high 80′s. It’s also very dry. I can’t even remember the last time it rained. Also, expect some wind, like a hot blow dryer blowing in your face. Within the next few weeks expect the weather to jump to as high as 116 degrees during the day.

Thomas asks…

Whats the weather like in LA and Las vegas around christmas time ?


Administrator answers:

It’s mild in LA, sometimes rainy and cool, but not that severe. Las Vegas is very cold.

Jenny asks…

how is the weather in las vegas,nv. in may?

Administrator answers:

I suggest researching locally.

Start first at

You’ll find tons of info and links and you can get answers to your questions on 10 different local message boards.

You can also check the local groups

Daniel asks…

So, I live in Minnesota and I really hate the cold weather and snow. I wanna move to Las Vegas…?

So i wanna know how it is living and vegas? I lived there once when I was 11 (now 23) for a year and it was really fun and I loved the weather but, I had to move because my fam decide to move back to MN.

Administrator answers:

Most of the people that answered have no idea what the winters are like in Minnesota. I moved here from Ohio and I love the weather here. Even in the winter. It doesn’t get that cold and even then not for long like back in the midwest. It snowed once here in five years for one day and it melted before the end of the day. Take it from one who knows, the weather here is beautiful and we don’t have to endure hurricanes like in humid Florida where it rains just about every day.

The problem is the economy right now. Jobs are few and far between. For every one job opening there are 100 applicants. Think twice and wait a year and hope for a change.

Donna asks…

Whats the weather like in Las Vegas in April?

Administrator answers:


James asks…

monthly average weather in las vegas nv.?

Administrator answers:

You can go here to see a page showing that data:
If you want the overall climatic averages, be sure to select the period 1971-2000 button in the Year category

Susan asks…

What’s the weather like in Las Vegas in June?

Administrator answers:


But wonderful for someone from Wisconsin. I prefer the first part of June. Last year was June 2-11, this year it’s June 1-10. I have done later part of April and May, Mid Sept., October and beginning of December. Early June is my favorite time.

In June it does get hot and sometimes is above 100 when I’m there but the evenings are very comfortable. Never need a jacket. I don’t have to take clothes for hot days and cold nights as in other times of the year that I have gone.

It’s cold in Wisconsin so when I go on vacation I want sun…….Sun…….SUN !!!!!!!!!!!!

Betty asks…

When is the best time to get married in Las Vegas?

I want to get married soon but I have to wait at least until July. Is August, September or October weather really good in Las Vegas? I don’t want to get married in a rainy month or to hot or to cold. The hot I can take but I just can’t stand cold or windy weather. What is the best time?

Administrator answers:

October is a great month in Las Vegas for weather. Rain should not be an issue as the annual rainfall in Vegas is only 4 inches a year. Out of all those months September or October have the best weather. I’m from Las Vegas. I got married at the Little Chaple of the West. The Monte Carlo also has a nice chapel.
Congratulations and good luck!

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