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Your Questions About Las Vegas Weather

November 23, 2012

Sandy asks…

When is the best time to visit Las Vegas?

We want to visit Las Vegas sometime next year. When is the best time to try and go? We are more interested in the lowest prices than with weather (we all grew up in California and are used to 105 degree weather durring heat waves and very cold weather as well). Any advice you can offer would be great! Thanks!

Administrator answers:

October-November is a very good time to go to Vegas because the weather is much nicer at that time.
Hotel rooms are cheaper during the week…i wanna say sunday-thursday. U can stay at a really nice hotel for like $150 a night during the week(on the strip), and end up paying $500 a night in the SAME hotel, but pay more because u went during the weekend. So hotels are cheaper during the week. We did the mistake of going during the weekend.
I grew up in California too, and Vegas’s weather will top Cali’s anyday!!! I came back from Vegas and we were still out on the strip around midnight and it was still hot outside. And it went up to 115, 118 outside…my mom’s friend had suggested to us, to rest during the day(when it’s REALLY hot outside), and go out at night, when it’s a bit cooler, and plus, Vegas looks prettier at night.

Steven asks…

Is December a good time to go to Las Vegas?

I am planning a trip to go to Las Vegas for my brothers 21st birthday, which is December 27th. We are looking at going from the 27th to the 30th. This will be right in the middle between Christmas and New Years. I was wondering if anyone knew what the weather might be like at this time and also if the strip might be a little less crowded, being winter and all. Any answers help.

Administrator answers:

December is actually a nice time to be in Vegas. The strip is always crowded but the decorations that time of year is beautiful. Yes, it gets cold and windy in December so pack warm clothes. Here is a link to give you an idea of what Vegas is like at Christmas.

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