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Your Questions About Las Vegas Weather

November 27, 2012

John asks…

What kinds of natrual disasters frequently occur in Las Vegas, Nevada?

I am moving to Nevada (some where close to Las Vegas) to live with my sister for a while. I lived in Hawaii all my life and i’m 22. The weather here is very calm. The only natural disaster that could put us in danger is a Tsunami or a earthquake (although we have small quakes sometimes but don’t notice it.)

I was wondering what could pose as a danger there and how frequently it occurs. Like Heavy rain/snow, hail storm, earthquakes etc.

Administrator answers:

Simple answer… NONE.

I like to say…

“I’ve lived through actual tornadoes in Ohio, hurricanes in Florida, significant earthquakes in California…and in Vegas…we get a little too hot for a couple months!”

Like Heavy rain…***Rare heavy rain…because the ground is mostly sandy/clay (former lake bed here in the ‘valley’) the water doesn’t absorb quickly…so ‘some low lying areas’ may flood. But we have a ‘flood control’ division who has done Amazing work(!) with building channels to better handle any ‘run off’…rare, truly rare places and areas get much ‘flooding’ of any type…and very rarely does that happen (maybe, during our ‘heavy rain period…lol…about a two week period most years!)

Like heavy snow…we get ‘some snow’ in the valley…about every two years on average some of it hits the ground long enough to see it for a second before it melts. VERY rarely it lands and sticks around for more than few minutes. We DID have a BIG snowfall for the first time in decades, a few years ago with enough snow that they ‘cancelled school’…yep, Vegas had a ‘snow day’ off from school. I still laugh about it, because all the main roads (anything with ‘any’ real traffic…the roads stayed clear as the cars traveled over them. But ‘some neighborhoods’ like MINE…(smaller cul de sac style neighborhood with rare/random traffic…had enough snow to build snowmen…BIG and multiple snowmen. Being from ‘back east’ originally it was ‘really cool’ to do that again after so many years, and in VEGAS, lol…wow!

Like with hail,storms, earthquakes etc…
*Hail, uh, incredibly rare..maybe once a decade on average and about the size of bb gun pellet (very/very tiny and light…no car damage stuff, not even close.
* Storms…only wind and rain related…Feb/March is windy/rainy season…just had HUGE winds (biggest ones I can remember in 20 years in my neighborhood, yesterday)…just drive a bit slower if it happens again THAT strongly…that’s all I did…and keep fixing your hair! Lol.
*earthquakes…’they say’ we have some ‘very small ones’…same as the ones you have in Hawaii that you don’t feel…around the mountain areas…not in the valley…may 1. Or 2. Somethings is what I’ve heard they are. I don’t believe humans can feel anything below a 3. Something…unless it is actually directly under their feet…and they’ll still say “is that one?” even then. (based on going through MANY in California)

We actually have technology companies here in Vegas, more moving here, and govenment agencies basing their tech backups out of the Vegas Valley because of the lack of natural disasters and lack of humidity.

Mary asks…

What are some ways to get to Grand Canyon from Las Vegas?

I’ll be staying in Las Vegas for a couple of days and I plan to visit the Grand Canyon in the day and return to the hotel in Vegas at night. Is that possible? What are some ways to get to Grand Canyon and how long will it take? And what will the weather be like in these two places in around September? Thank you.

Administrator answers:

I just did this trip about 2 weeks ago. It’s about a 4 hour drive from Vegas to the Grand Canyon and you’ll want to spend at least an hour or 2 there (if not more). There’s a lot of construction going on at the main observation point so expect to walk a little ways to get to a spot you can look down into the canyon. They also have shuttle buses you can take around the park once you get there.

If you have a bit of extra money (more like A LOT) to spare or you win big the casino you might consider going to the Grand Canyon via helicopter. My parents did this a few years ago and had an absolutely amazing time and the whole thing was only 4-5 hours (since helicopters can fly in a straight line, unlike driving!). Here’s an example of one of these tours:

If you do plan to drive it will be a very long day (8-9 hours of driving plus whatever time you spend there). Make sure you’re well rested – you’ll probably want to start early as well. Have an excellent time, it’s absolutely stunning!

Lisa asks…

Where is the best place to elope in Las Vegas?

My boyfriend and I are deciding to get married after 6 years of being together, but neither of us want the hoopla of a wedding. We are going to Las Vegas for Thanksgiving, and are looking to quietly get married. I am looking for a nice, classy place that is not themed or cheesy in any way. We don’t want to spend more than $1,000 so the Bellagio is out. Maybe four or so people will be in attendance. Thanks for all the suggestions.

Administrator answers:


Click on Lakeside Gardens or Royal Terrace.

The weather will be lovely in November for an outdoor wedding.

My daughter got married at Lakeside Gardens last year. The wedding was beautiful. The package included flowers and photographer. Check it out. And my daughter’s pictures looked just like the ones on the website so it’s very accurately depicted.

I think the Lake Las Vegas gondola wedding would be awesome too. You said just 4 people right? Very intimate and the pictures will be beautiful. Great memories.

Congrats on your upcoming wedding.

Nancy asks…

Does a low humidity climate keep my swimming pool from heating up?

I live in Las Vegas where the weather is very hot with low humidity. No matter how warm it gets outside the water temperature of the pool water remains cold. I am from the mid-west where it is more humid and the water warms up much faster. Is it possible that the lower humidity makes the water evaporate faster and cools the water?

Administrator answers:

Relative air humidity has no effect on the water temp. Simply put the air is way less dense than water. A cover will improve your water temperature by acting as a solar collector, they are usually a dark color and will pass their collected heat to the pool water they float on. But the cover will keep the heat in the pool better bacause of this fact. The cover will keep the wind off the water. Evaporation will be minimized with a cover as well as chemical loss.

All sounds really good huh?

The bad thing about covers is you have to hold them down some how due to the wind. Some use rocks and cinder blocks for this. If a small animal falls onto the cover the cover sinks and surrounds the animal making swimming difficult. Same happens to people.

You could get a fully secured cover but they are very expensive.

Last, the worst thing about a cover is your pool is out of sight and mind. People tend to forget their pools and they go south really quickly. A lot say, why I had no idea my pool turned into a frog pond.

You still want a cover? Promise yourself that you will revove the cover several times a week to survey the pool and check water chemistry then recover.

Lastly, here in sunny Southern California my pool now is 70* and outside 95* today. Overnight 60*. What I have found is here the pool/spa temperature is dictated by the overnight temp. My pool is naturally heated and white plaster. Pools with darker plaster heat up faster.

You’re welcome!!

James asks…

What is the BEST Lipbalm you can reccommend??

I live in Las Vegas, weather is extremely dry. I just need suggestions if there are better brands of lipbalms that i can use. I currently use Kiehl’s Baby Lip Balm and Smith’s Rosebud Salve. Anymore suggestions??? Let me know!

Administrator answers:

La Mer. SUPER DUPER EXPENSIVE. $100 + dollars but let me tell you…it is the best thing ever invented to man kind.

Maria asks…

What will the weather be like in California in March?

I plan on going to California in March 08. I was hoping to include Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco and hopefully Las Vegas. What do you think the weather will be like at that time of year? I chose March as it’s the only time I can actually do it, but as I will be spending loads of money, I’d rather go somewhere else if I don’t get to see much cuz of rain & bad weather – but I really wish to do California. Any suggestions or tips?

Administrator answers:

You might catch a shower or two up north. But nothing major. I’d certainly go ahead and plan the trip. Best to start in San Francisco or across the Bridge in Marin, and drive down the coast. Visit San Simeon (Hurst Castle) and take your time driving down. You’ll go through Big Sur and just some amazing ocean views. This is the PCH drive. You can also go through Santa Barbra along the way. I suggest you break it up into two days, though it can be done in 12 hours or so.

After Santa Barbra, get off the 101 and back onto PCH in Ventura into Malibu, Venice, Santa Monica pier. See Pepperdine University’s campus. Amazing. You can take several different was up to LA from there. If you want to do the Rodeo Drive thing, go up Whilshire. It will take you there. You can also go do Universal, MGM, Knotts Berry Farm or go to Disney to see the rat. No shortage of stuff to do here. That’s at least another day or two depending on your schedule. From there, it’s about an hour and a half down to San Diego. Sea World is there. Go into the village of La Jolla on the way. Lot’s of shops and restaurants. Also, MAKE SURE you go across the Coronado Bridge to see the Hotel Del Coronado. This is where they filmed “Some Like It Hot” with Marilyn Monroe. Part museum, part hotel, part shopping trip. Has a deck right on the beach. Music, good food and incredible view. PLUS it’s haunted.

Vegas? I’m not into it. SorryI cant help you there.

Donna asks…

Can i keep my 7 weeks german sheppered in my back yard day and night ?

I live in las Vegas and the weather here isn’t that bad. It’s warm and breezy. I just wanted to know if I could keep my 7 weeks German sheppered in my back yard.

Administrator answers:

That`s a joke ….Right?

You don`t leave a 7 week old puppy out in a yard 24/7.

And it`s SHEPHERD…..(sigh)

Puppies need company and supervision for most of the day.
Why get a pup if you can`t have it in the house with you?
And if your trolling…then it`s not funny mate.

Mandy asks…

is running in the pool or swimming just as good as jogging?

for losing weight. i dont feel like running in the las vegas hot sunny weather
and also how long should i work out in the pool?

Administrator answers:

Short answer – NO.
Swimming is one of the best exercises. I don’t know how much weight you are trying to loose, but i would say swimming 1hr at high intensity will definitely help in loosing weight.
Running in the pool is not the same as running outside. You definitely loose more weight running outside.
I only heard about running in the pool for recovery, or if you have bad knees.
To have the same result as running outside you might need to run 3 times longer in the pool but that again depends on how hard you are going.

I know running in Vegas in the summer is hard, but why don’t you toughen up and just do it, eventually you will get used to it.

Good luck

Richard asks…

What is the drive to Las Vegas like from the Bay Area?

I am traveling from the Benicia to Las Vegas the day after Christmas and I would like to know what the roads are like and the weather? My Father was suppose to go and do most of the driving and now he is unable to make it and I will be doing all of the driving by myself and I am a little worried. I don’t like driving on dangerous highways. Is there anything I should know? I would like to be prepared so anything you know will help….

Administrator answers:

It’s a long, boring, and uneventful drive. The Central Valley is the worst part of the drive.

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