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Your Questions About Las Vegas Weather

December 4, 2012

Helen asks…

I am going to Las Vegas this week what type of clothes should I pack?

I am going to Las Vegas on Thursday March 18, 2010 and trying to plan my attire. May I take shorts, skirts, dresses, sandals and sleeveless.

Administrator answers:

It is suppose to be in the lower 70′s with lots of sunshine. If you are coming from a colder climate that will make it feel real warm so yes. However if you care coming from a warmer climate it might feel chilly. Now at night it will be chilly well into the 50′s so you will have to dress for cooler weather.

Carol asks…

What is the best/worst thing about living in Las Vegas?

I am thinking of relocating there soon and just wanted some inside information from people who are already there. I currently reside in Minnesota, but my boyfriend had a back surgery and the cold weather really does a number on him. We’re looking into heading down to warmer weather, and we are very impressed with Las Vegas so far.

Administrator answers:

We lived there for a year…best has got to be the great buffetts, i didnt have to cook EVER!..(sams town was yummers)…worst had to be the heat in the was truly killer. Even nights were unbearable..

Mary asks…

What’s the best cooling temperature for an apartment?

I live in Las Vegas and the weather right now is in the upper 90′s. Soon it will be well over 100 degrees. I don’t want my bill to be huge! so I have it in 78 degrees but it’s still super hot in here. What can I do?

Administrator answers:

I also live in LV. 78F is kind of warm for an apartment. Try lowering the thermostat about 2 degrees at a time until it feels comfortable. You can also use some fans to help circulate the air a little better. Think about getting some removable window tint on the windows that get the most sun. Anything you can do to reduce the amount of heat coming in through the windows will keep it cooler inside and help keep NV Energy from robbing you blind.

Charles asks…

Where should we drive for Thanksgiving weekend from Las Vegas?

My husband, 3 and 1 year old and I would like to drive somewhere for Thanksgiving weekend since he has 4 days off. I am thinking of southern California, but don’t know how crowded the theme parks are or what else there is to do that isn’t too crowded. Are there any deals in California that’s less then 6 hours from Las Vegas?

Administrator answers:

Knott’s Berry Farm in Buena Park is great for Thanksgiving. They put out a fabulous dinner. However, it will be crowded and the hotels will be pretty expensive. (you may not be able to book one at this late date.) San Diego is very nice and the weather should be good. There is plenty to do and the whole family might like the world famous zoo. If you go take the tram, don’t try to walk it with two children. You can go on line and book a reasonably priced hotel or motel. You can drive it in about six to seven hours.

Jenny asks…

What can a 15 year old do in Las Vegas?

I am going to Las Vegas during Christmas with my dad for a couple days and what is there for a 15 year old to do other than see shows? What’s the weather like?
Don’t worry Bobby B, I’ve had my Bar Mitzvah; but thanks a lot anyway, those are really helpful attractions lists.

Administrator answers:

Go shopping,or sight seeing

Paul asks…

What should I pack for a Vegas vacation?

My husband and I are going to Las Vegas for a week, watching the weather it’s been in the lower 60′s to the upper 70′s and then dropping to sometimes 30′s at night. What are some ideas of things to pack so we aren’t under dressed or over dressed?

Administrator answers:

Pack layers. In the evening it gets chilly. During the day, you may want a light sweater. That is if you are doing a lot of walking on the strip. We are expecting a little rain, but it usually doesn’t get to much cooler during those few minutes!
Jeans, casual pants, depending on what you want to do. Your on vacation…..relax!

Maria asks…

What to wear in Las Vegas and San Francisco in January?

I’m traveling to Las Vegas in the first week of January for a week and then to San Francisco for a few days. Could you please recommend me what to wear during that time?

I live in Florida and have no winter clothing. I look at, the temperatur is now about 30s/50s in Las Vegas. And I’ll be traveling to Grand Canyon. I have no idea if it’ll be colder there. I think I need to buy a jacket but I have no idea what kind of jacket I should buy. Any suggestion would be really aprreciated.

Administrator answers:

Take a nice warm jacket and some sweaters and long sleves so you can layer your clothes in case it doesn’t get too cold. I remember I was in Vegas once in December and it was so cold and I didn’t bring a coat, so bring one just in case. Oh yeah since you are from Florida its going to be cold for you since you are not used to that kind of weather. Have fun!

Daniel asks…

What are some of the local products or services of Las Vegas?

What are some of the local products or services of Las Vegas. Its for an assignment and i need at least 10.

Administrator answers:

Car Rentals
Entertainment/Live Shows/ShowGirls
Good Weather 95% of the time.
Lake Mead short distance away. Pleasure boating. Same as Hoover Dam. (history Edgar Hoover built it).
Swimming Pools. Or Party Pools nowadays. Just stand around in 3 feet of water or less and drink up.
24/7 town.
Drs. Face lifts/plastic surgery.
Fire Depts.
Public Transporation/Bus

John asks…

What are some pros and cons of living in Las Vegas?

Now I would like to be a cop. I want to move somewhere beautiful and a great place to be. Vegas popped up in my head. I would like to know some pros and cons of living in Las Vegas. Hopefull some people could help me out. Would it be a great place to live in?

Administrator answers:

The weather is eggagerated. It’s a desert so if it’s hot, IT’S HOT! It reaches about 110 degrees farenhiet and maybe more. When it’s cold, IT’S COLD! It reaches about 50 degrees farenheit.

It’s beautiful at night since there’s a lot of light. But there are a lot of people in every corner giving away free porn. (in cards magazines, etc.)

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