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Your Questions About Las Vegas Weather

December 17, 2012

Mary asks…

What do you where in Vegas during the day?

Im going to las vegas on thursday for my 21st and we are staying at the Wynn. I’m packing right now but im having trouble deciding what to pack for day wear. Any suggestions on what to pack would be great. Also, anyone know what the weather is like there in march?
ok sorry my mind slipped…i mean to say “WEAR”

Administrator answers:

Well, in march the weather can be anywhere from 50′s to 70′s during the day. Night time gets a little chilly, especially after you get used to the dry climate after a couple days. So bring an array of stuff. Jeans, pants, capris, mb a pair of shorts, tshirts, one long sleeve…possibly a sweater? Tanks. Something nice to wear too if you go to dinner or a night on the town. You dont want to look too much like a tourist. Also, a light jacket, seeing as you want to try and pack like. 48lb limit per suitcase i believe if you are flying.
And as for during the day, there is plenty to do. I love going to Margarittaville on the strip. Great food at good prices. Its great for a casual party atomostphere lunch. Hit up the hotels on the strip because they all have their own shopping forums, especially Ceasars and the Venician. And ask the locals where to go! They usually know the good, fun and inexpensive spots.
Hope that helps! Enjoy your vacation!

Donna asks…

How do you deal with the hot 100 + degree weather in the summer?

I’m moving to Las Vegas in August for the fall semester and I don’t want to rack up the utility bill. What should I do to keep the house cool down during the day and night? I’m thinking about buying a fan but will that help at all with the intense heat? Any ideas?

What should I wear when I go outdoors during the day?
I will hardly be at home during the day so that should save some expenses.
Opening the windows at night a good idea?

Administrator answers:

There really is no way of getting around not running the AC. When not home keep the temp set around 90 and then lower it when you get home or hopefully you will have a autostat to set to lower the temp just before you get home. You will need the AC more at night than during the day. The outside temps do not really cool down that much until just before dawn. I personally can stand the heat during the day but it is at night when I am sleeping that I need the AC. By opening your windows you will turn your place from an oven to a convection oven. The breeze here is what is so hot.

Do not have any pets that way you do not have to keep the place as cool when not home. If you have pets you will have to run it for them. Keep your windows closed and dark thick curtains or room darkening blinds to keep the intense heat from the sun out of all rooms. Use as few lights as possible as they will heat up your place. Do not use your oven if at all possible. Use the microwave to heat things up. Another thing is if you want to warm up a sandwich is to wrap it in aluminum foil and place it out in the sun. It doesn’t take long for the sun to heat it up. Go to Bass Pro Shop and pick up a solar oven to work better.

Turn your hot water tank up to low. You don’t need real hot water and anything over 120 is a waste of energy. Hopefully you will have a through the door ice and water dispenser in the refrigerator. Those save you lots of energy by not having to open the doors as often.

Wear as little as possible during the day but keep covered. Wear light clothing. Hat and sunglasses are a must. Sunscreen is very important and cool comfortable shoes are a necessity. In your car keep your windows slightly open even at night. Inside the car heats up very fast in the sun and holds the heat at night. Keeping the windows slightly cracked allows the heat build up to vent. One of those auto vents on a car window helps. Never just open your car door and jump in. Reach in and open all the windows first. Release all that contained heat before entering and starting your AC. Every little bit helps. What ever you do .. Drink lots of water and not much alcohol.

Susan asks…

should I wear wool coat during Christmas in Las vegas?

I checked weather and it says it’s 40 degree in Las vegas , (almost same temperature as east coast cities) should I wear wool coat during my stay there? also I’m going to grand canyon and some other national parks, is it cold there?

Administrator answers:

IF going to the national parks I would dress with the wool coat. I think in Vegas it might be a bit much. Going from casino to casino you will bake in that coat .. Usually a nice warm jacket is better and easier to carry inside.

Robert asks…

What are some good hot weather dogs that dont shed?

I live in Las Vegas and I run year round and would like a dog to run with. I generally run mid-day when the sun is strongest (dont ask me why). But what dogs can withstand strong heat, have alot of energy, and if possible, ones that dont shed.
Im obviously not going to take my dog on a trail hike in 110 degree weather.

Administrator answers:

Here are some breeds which do not shed and won’t have you removing dog hair from all corners of your home.

First off, there is the Bichon Frise – they barely leave behind any hair at all. However, there are some things you need to keep in mind, like maintaining their fur, combing it at least several times a week.

If you do this you will not have to worry about finding dog hair all over your home.

Another good option is the Chinese Crested Dog – to begin with, dogs of this breed lack real fur.

The only fur they have is on the crest of the head and leg locks.

This dog is shy and can play the usual outdoor games in the house, without creating a complete hairy mess all around.

Another good option would be the West Highland White Terrier – these dogs make great companions and exhibit nearly no hair loss at all.
However, it is necessary for a professional dog hairdresser to maintain its coat and to keep it looking like dogs of this breed tend to look (if that matters to you).

Well, hope this helps you a bit.

Mandy asks…

How to weather-proof/paint/wood-finish a dog house?

I am building a wooden dog house as a late mothers day gift and I am assuming the house is going to stay outside most of the time. I know I ‘can’ weather proof and paint it, but is there any special precautions I need to take so it will be safe for the dogs? I live in Las Vegas where it gets pretty hot, so I don’t want to accidentally get something that releases noxious fumes during the summer.

Any help would be greatly appreciated :)

Administrator answers:

The door to the house will always be open, and if you use a ridge vent, there should always be adequate ventilation to remove any fumes from whatever you use to seal the house.

You could also overhang the roof enough to shelter little open air windows, or ones with little shutters, on all sides for additional ventilation. Close them in the winter and the animal’s body heat should keep it warm enough inside, if not, add a light bulb.

Sandy asks…

What types of natural disasters, weather problems, etc. are common to the Portland/Salem, OR area?

We are planning on moving up there and would like to know what types of natural disasters/emergencies occur there. In Las Vegas we have flash flooding, drought, wind, and extreme heat. We don’t really get tornadoes, hurricanes, snowstorms, etc.

Administrator answers:

Once a year we get tons of rain in the late fall and winter, beautiful summers, springs and early falls. Mild winters. We usually get 2 weeks of hot weather in July or August (95 to 100 degrees).

Once in 10 years we get:
An earthquake above 4.5 (we don’t count the small ones)
Hurricane wind storm which knocks down trees and causes a huge mess.
Serious snowstorm – anything over 4″ is considered a serious snowstorm here. Generally, it will snow but it melts when it hits the ground so it’s just pretty to look at.
Serious flooding – it’s been at least 10 years since a major river has flooded. If you move here DON’T buy a house in a flood plain.

Once every 25 years or so:
A serious Volcano eruption (but we always get plenty of warning before a major eruption).

Donald asks…

Is it good time to vacation in Las Vegas?

I was looking at Las Vegas vacation packages on Priceline and Expedia, and could not believe how reasonable the prices are!

Is it a good time in the next 6 months to schedule a Vegas vacation?

Administrator answers:

You’re right it is cheap, but I would book seperate. My wife and I are flying from atl on july 4th on delta and with taxes and fee’s we paid $250 each roundtrip. We also booked 4 nights (sat-wed) at paris las vegas and it was $350. So total package is $850 and if I wanted a package the best deal would have cost me an extra $200. Airlines have great rates right now especially if you book in advance. Go to to get some good hotel promotion codes. You will have a great time whenever you go just do your research. July and august are hot, but cheap. September and October have almost perfect weather, but rates go up. I checked in January and nightly rates at paris are $200 during the week and Im paying $60 a night in july. Just do your research.

Nancy asks…

What would be the best routes for travelling around America?

Me and a mate want to go travelling around America for a year, what would be the best routes to take bearing in mind the seasons? Obviously we want to have the best weather all year round visiting the states with the hot summers.

Some places we would like to visit

New York
Las Vegas
Los Angeles
San Franciso
Washington DC

and many more places?

We would be working so how long would that give me?

Administrator answers:

If you come under the visa waiver program, you ma stay only 90 days…absolutely no extensions. If you apply for and receive a B-2 tourist visa, you may stay up to 6 months. You need to realize how huge the U.S. Is and how much riving time it takes between laces. It may be better to pick a region of he U.S. And cover that region in your 3 month or 6 month visit, then do another region next time. If you try to fit in too much in a short time, you will spend more time driving than visiting. The east, then the mid west and mountain west, then the west coast and Hawaii should be separate trips.You may be better at American geography than I am giving you credit for, but my experience is that very few foreign visitors have any idea how far New York is from Florida and California. You would enjoy your visit much more if you keep it to one region at a time and have time to actually see things, relax, enjoy yourselves. Hope it works out for you. Also…you do know you cannot work while in the U.S. As a tourist..right?

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