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Your Questions About Las Vegas Weather

December 19, 2012

Mark asks…

Can an inclination towards certain climates be genetic?

I am of Norwegian decent and so is my dad. Both of us found ourselves gravitating to cold climates (north of Seattle and Alaska, respectively.) My daughter is half middle eastern and she enjoyed the weather when we lived in Las Vegas the most. Do you think any of that is genetic? And if you have a link to support your answer, that would be better than just an opinion. Thanks!

Administrator answers:

No, I really don’t.

Both myself and all my friends are Norwegian. Some of us really hates the Norwegian weather, and thrive when they are on holiday in warmer climates. Others, like myself, sweat like a pig when the thermometer hits 20C, and need constant air-condition when we are on holiday. We all grew up within 10 kilometers of one another, so it’s not like the climate was very different.

I was on holiday to the US last year. It was constantly over 30C. I had to go into random shops every 5 minutes for the air-condition when we were out walking. My friend waited outside in the sun.

It’s all down to personal preference would be my guess.

Sharon asks…

what is the weather going to be like?

wats the weather gonna be like for the rest of sept?i really really want winter or fall or watever to come early!!!
reply by today peas!
by the way im from toronto,canada so dont send me random las vegas weather reports.

Administrator answers:

Here is a 14-day forecast for Toronto:

Baiscally, it will be a bit cooler than normal and possibly a bit wetter this fall. Kind of like how the summer was this year. But, it’s kind of difficult to come up with a long range forecast greater than 7 to 10 days that has any degree of accuracy.

Thomas asks…

What are some easy flowers to grow outside in pots?

I live in Las Vegas, and we do not have a garden area. I would like to grow some flowers in pots and keep them on the patio. What flowers would be good for that? Our patio gets bright sunshine AND plenty of shade.

Administrator answers:

We have your kind of weather too. My hubby and I do lots of container gardening…..even vegetables. You can grow anything you like in pots. Here is our method (USA):

Plastic pots 14 inches across the top.

Holds 25 pounds potting soil-we use Miracle-Gro Potting Soil with Plant Food for flowers (not vegetables-ask the clerk at the nursery for vegetable potting soil).

Mix water crystals into the top six inches of potting soil-these hold water so you do not have to water more than once per week when the temperatures hit 100 degrees.
Water well and leave it alone for a few days so the crystals can absorb the water. Do not plant or the swelling crystals will push your flowers up and out of the potting soil.

After a few days, mix 4 tablespoons Osmocote flower fertilizer into the top four inches of potting soil. Water in well and wait a day or so. There is also a vegetable Osmocote fertilizer. (Read and follow the directions on the container just in case your container is different from ours.)

Now you can plant. Water well.

Every 14 days fertilize with liquid fertilizer – we use Miracle-Gro Bloom Booster.
Check for a vegetable liquid fertilizer.

Stop fertilizing one month before your first autumn frost. But keep watering.

Let your flowers go to sleep after the first frost or take them indoors and place in a south facing window (sunny window).

Lightly water through the winter months, but do not fertilize.

Do not put back outside until all frost has past. We usually wait till the nights have reached 68 or 70 degrees.

Add the Osmocote fertilizer again each spring (or other good flowering fertilizer).

When flowers start failing, change the potting soil’s top 1/3 or 1/2, mix in well, add new water crystals, add fertilizer. Buy new plants. This is usually done every third spring.

Hint: Always water till it runs out the bottom. Wait a few minutes and then water again. This only need to be done about once per week to ten days when using the water crystals.

Take a look at this self watering large container, we love ours:

Send for free gardening catalogs to get use to the different types of flowers and colors:

(there are hundreds more free catalogs, google “free gardening catalongs” )

Happy gardening to you.

Mary asks…

How would i solve this linear systems speed problem?

How would i solve this linear systems speed problem?
An airplane travels from Toronto to Las Vegas.
On the trip down south the plane travels with headwind at an average
speed of 600km/h.
On the trip back it travles with tailwind at an average speed of 650 km/h.
What is the speed of the plane in clear weather, and what is the wind

WHat would the 2 equations be?

Administrator answers:

V_plane + v_wind = 650

v_plane – v_wind = 600
- – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – (+)

2 v_plane = 1250

v_plane = 625 km/h

v_wind = 25 km/h

Paul asks…

What is the best beach to visit in southern California in December/January?

We are from Alberta and are visiting California for a day while were in Las Vegas. Were looking for a nice beach to visit (not necessarily swim) while were there. Nothing too crowded and preferably not too far from Vegas. Thanks!

Administrator answers:

Any beach in So Cal will be at least 280 miles / 450 Km. Or more from Las Vegas. Most beaches won’t be very crowded because (to us) it’s too cold, and windy there during December and January. I guess being from Alberta you’ll think it’s bikini weather. Pick anywhere from San Clemente in Orange County, to Malibu in Los Angeles County.

Robert asks…

Do you think it’s a bad time to move to California?

I am currently staying in Las Vegas,NV, but I’ve been wanting to move to Southern California, because I love the weather and surroundings there. However, I heard on the news that they are in debt due to the wildfires. I also heard it is really hard to find a job out there. I am currently a Substitute teacher and live with my two kids and husband. I am planning on moving over there June 2009, but I am a little scared because how the economy is right now. Please, I need some advice.

Administrator answers:

California has nice weather. But its municipal and state governments are not so good.

The problem is that both state and municipal governments kept giving raises and various benefit increases to their unionized public employees in order to get their votes during election times. The politicians got the votes alright. But now public employees expect to get their part of the bargain. And there is no money to pay for all those lavish salaries and above average benefits.

The governments there will either have to increase taxes drastically. Or they will have to cut back on government services drastically. And the unions of public employees might also engage in some cut backs of services by going on strikes.

Perhaps you can get a nice ocean view there. But you might not be able to enjoy it much due to all the government problems there.


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