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December 21, 2012

Lizzie asks…

My husband is a garbage man, what should he do to help him survie the heat?

My husband is a trash man in Las Vegas, its 110+ degree weather on a regular basis.. What are some things he can do to help survive his heat? They dont get long breaks so please just give suggestions he can use while working. ex. eat frozen grapes.. certain vitamins? Thanks So Much!

Administrator answers:

Help him stay hidrated all day. And make sure that he wears sun screen. Also. Give him vitamin b and c. This will help turn his food and the sun into energy for his body. But mainly… Keep him hidrated.

Mary asks…

How is LAS VEGAS on october ?

its one of my dreams to visit las vegas , do u think its a good time to visit it on october.
what do u think about weather,night clubs,girls,need a rent car or not ?
how much will cost me a 4 star hotel in the center of las vegas ?

Administrator answers:

October is not a bad time to visit Las Vegas. The weather starts shifting around mid October and becomes relatively mild. 60′s-70′s. I don’t recommend pool activities this time of year! The clubs are always jumping in Vegas all year long! Some great clubs to visit are Tryst, Tao and XS. I recommend staying at the Venetian or Wynn for 4 star accomodations. This puts you in the middle of the limelight for clubbing with 4 star + accomodations plus the clubs are all within walking distance. If you book 6-9 months in advance you can find rooms for as low as 150-300 a night. Keep checking back to see if you can find better deals. Most hotels allow for cancellations up to 72 hours before your arrival. So it doesn’t hurt to check prices now and again! Also keep in mind that you will not be spending all your time in your room. Vegas is a 24 hour a day City. Chances are you won’t get back to your room from a club til 6 am. I use my room more less for a dressing room and a 3-4 hours of ZZZZ’s.

I visit Vegas 30-45 days out of the year and Car Rental is cheaper than taking a taxi. A taxi to the Venetian can cost you close to $20 with tip. Go to and book a rental car for as low as $20 a day with taxes. Bring your own insurance card and don’t purchase the optional insurance unless your current insurance doesn’ cover you. Be careful on the roads though. Taxi drivers there are just as bad as New York drivers…lolz

As for girls, they are always plenty to choose from. Doesn’t matter what month you go!
Have fun and stay safe

Maria asks…

Who has been to Hawaii and Los Angeles in December an January and whats the weather like?

I would love to go to Disneyland, Hawaii and Maybe Las Vegas and wondering if you could give me the temputure for these counties in Decmeber.

Administrator answers:

I have been to Hawaii during dec-jan and the weather was really nice. It was cooler than normal but was perfect. It was between 75-82 ish when I was there at that time.

George asks…

What is best time of year to take roadtrip in the southwest?

I am thinking of flying to Las Vegas, renting a tour bike and take my wife on a cross-country roadtrip through the southern Utah, northern Arizona and Nevada region. I don’t want it to be too hot or cold for her comfort. What would be the best time of the year to consider taking such a road trip?

Administrator answers:

It’s tough to give a quick answer to this question. Like most of the other responders, I vote for May/June or September/October.
Because of the different elevations in the Southwest, it can be balmy mid 70 degree weather in one spot and over 100 a couple of hundred miles away. A perfect example of this is that in the summer time, Flagstaff at 7,000 feet can be about 80 degrees while 150 miles away, down at 1,100 feet in Phoenix it’s well over 100 degrees.
The opposite is true in the early Spring and late Fall. There can be snow in Flagstaff and warm comfort down in Phoenix.
The main point here is that you need to be ready for anything that Mother Nature throws at you.
If you are limited to when you can go and it is going to be hot, if you don’t already have them get yourself some mesh riding jackets of some kind. It will allow you to ride through some pretty hot stuff in acceptable comfort.
The number one thing is to get a “Hydration System”. The most popular is a “Camelbak” however, there are other brands that are just as good. What it is, is a backpack water bag that you can sip out of while riding. It will allow you to drink while you are going down the road and will make the whole desert experience safer and more comfortable.
Whatever you do, don’t strip down to the waist and go shirtless. You will dehydrate so fast that you won’t be able to drink water fast enough to make up for it. The best way to clothe yourself is to cover up loosely and let air flow through the sleeves and around the body. This allows for slow evaporation and that is how you keep cool and hydrated.
I have ridden through the Southwest in the heat of August using this method and it is about as good as it gets.
Have fun and good luck!


Robert asks…

What are the best things to do on a (tight) budget in las vegas this weekend!?

HEEEEELP!, some friends and I are going to las vegas this weekend and due to some last minute emergency I don’t have a lot for spending. I’ll only have like 300 dlls and since the trip and hotel is already paid I cannot cancel. We’ll be staying friday night, saturday, and leave on sunday (late afternoon).

We also have tickets for some fight on saturday, what should I pack since I don’t know how chilly it’ll get. I live in southern california. Are there any male cheap male stripper shows ??

Administrator answers:

Free shows
Fountains of Bellagio
Fremont Street Experience
Masquerade Show in The Sky-Rio
Volcano/White tigers-Mirage
Lion Habitat-MGM
Animal Park-Flamingo
Auto Collection-Imperial Palace
Sunset Stampede-Sam’s Town
Sirens of TI-Treasure Island

Great shopping
Forum Shops-Caesars Palace
Desert Passage-Aladdin
Fashion Show Mall

Inexpensive stuff to do
Adventuredome-Circus Circus
Star Trek-LV Hilton
Liberace Museum
Shark Reef-Mandalay Bay
Manhattan Express-NY NY
Stratosphere Tower
King Tut’s Tomb-Luxor
Eiffel Tower-Paris

A couple of very good shows that are a bargain
Larry G Jones($22-Fitzgerald’s) “the man of 1002 voices” people who have seen both say Larry is as good as Danny Gans($100-Mirage). Even better, is Mac King at Harrah’s the tickets are $22 but you can get them for less, in the carnaval court outside they hand out vouchers that allow you to see the show for $10 or at times the Slot Club will give you free ticket(S) just for signing up..Mac King puts on a great show…

The best site for info on things to do in LV “VEGAS INFO”, gives you, events times places reviews prices ratings links etc. This newsletter is all about getting the most out of LV for the least.. Check out their list of the top 10 bargains in LV. Http://

I go to LV for a couple of weeks every December, the best way to handle the weather in LV is to layer, since you never really know what you’re going to get.. Daytime highs might be in the high 40′s and windy or low 80′s nice and sunny..Nights are a little different in that you can at least be pretty sure it will be cool, and on occasion it can get real cold, as in 20 degrees with the wind howling cold.

The only two male “review” type shows that I know of, for “cheap” male strippers maybe one of the local “girlie” joints has a “ladies” night.
Chippendales – $58 – Rio
Thunder From Down Under – $47/$58 – Excalibur

Betty asks…

What are the pros and cons of both high and low humidity on your health?

Like for instance where I live in Las Vegas I have to moisturize after each shower or my skin dries out and itches, and my eyes sometimes get so dry they sting. FYI I just checked NOAA and the current humidity level is 7% in Vegas in case you were wondering.

Administrator answers:

As an indication, humidifier manufacturers recommend not to have more than 45 percent relative humidity in your home, otherwise it increases to growth of bacteria and fungus.

But one has to differentiate between relative and absolute humidity. The latter is the actual volume or weight of water per volume of air. The former is the percentage of humidity in relation to full saturation, i.e. How much that volume of air can contain water for a given temperature.

The colder the air is, the lesser is the dew point and the lesser the absolute humidity will be, even if the relative one doesn’t change.

This is why we tend to catch more colds and flu during the winter. It has nothing to do with the “cold” weather other than colder air has a much lesser absolute humidity and that virus thrive better in dry air.

Seven percent relative humidity is very dry, I agree. But for your skin, what matters is the absolute humidity and if the temperature is very high, seven percent might be quite humid. Here is an example and, excuse me, but I am European and I have to give you the data in the Metric system:

At the average pressure of 1013 hPa and temperature of 15 Celsius, a cubic meter of air can’t contain more than 14 grams of water. That is the so-called Standard Atmosphere; the average on earth.

If the temperature sinks then to say freezing point (0 degrees Celsius) then the same cubic meter of air can’t contain more than about 5 grams of water.

And that|s why we have dew, fog, clouds and rain: when moist air cools it must condense some of it moisture because colder air can’t sustain as much water vapor.

Michael asks…

How different is Japan from North America?

Well, I’m planning to move from Las Vegas to Japan after collage, and i don’t want to be some stupid tourist that thinks that they can live somewhere just for the heck of it (I’m moving for real reasons that are confedential). I know that i have to learn Japanese and some customs. Anything else i might want to know?

Administrator answers:

Lots of things you might want to know
1. Japanese isn’t required. YOu can get by very easily in english. You just have to make sure you try to listen, and then try to speak japanese. Once you try, people are very friendly and helpful. If you don’t try they will appear rude
2. Tokyo and all other major cities are extremely expensive. But if you shop around you can find lots of places that are pretty cheap. Buy your own food and cook for yourself, as it will save you tons of money. (eating out is about 5x as expensive as cooking it for yourself)
3. You will need to buy a rice cooker. They are pretty cheap, and very easy to work even w/out japanese.
4. Stock up on your dvd’s. Buying newer dvd’s here is like 25 to 30 dollars.
5. Customes you need to remember. Always take your shoes off when you go inside someones home. They will usually have guest slippers (but if y ou have large feet, then bring your own slippers.)
6. When people compliment you, the response is zen zen (it means not at all.) you are not supposed to accept a compliment.
7. When on the subway/bus, you are expected to give up your seat for old people, pregnant women, women with young children, or people with disabilities.
8. Look into buyiig a japanese railroad tourist ticket. This is a ticket that is good for a month, and you can ride it anywhere in japan. It is like $70 to $150. But you cannot buy it when you are living here. It has to be on your US Passport as a tourist. They don’t sell them here. So if you get one of those tickets, you can then travel all over japan in the first month you are here, other wise travelling around japan is really expensive.
9. Get to know japanese anime. Things like totoro, kiki’s delivery service, ranma 1/2, and hello kitty. If you knwo these characters and anime, then you have built in conversation with most japanese.
10. When you get here ( I live in tokyo), immediately examine your apartment, and notice things like weather stripping, caulking and find a local store that carries it. They do not weather strip here, and most japanese homes are COLD in the winter.
11. Look on under tokyo and to find used furnature, books, bikes,etc…. Never pay for new stuff here because it is soooooo expensive.

Jenny asks…

Why do some people like living in weather like NY rather then weather like CA?

I like the CA sunny year round weather better. I live in upstate NY right now. I have also lived in places like las vegas NV. I know some people say lack of vitamin D from the sun puts down your mood. Also just the fact you cant go outside all year round puts down your mood. then y do some people from NY say they prefer NY seasons better. do they have a secrete to living in colder environments?

Administrator answers:

I’m not in NY, but similar weather & I wouldn’t trade it for the world!!! I like the change of the seasons;; & frankly, you’re naive to think that we stay indoors in the winter…& we’re all not psychologically challenged out here that we have bipolar or whatever mood disorder you may think transpires because the sun happens to be hidden here & there…come out to visit, ya may like it…there’s nothing like seeing a foot of snow on Xmas eve (I just can’t imagine outdoor x-mas decorations without snow, its….unethical (LOL)), nothing like making snow angels, nothing like seeing the leaves fall while you’re picking pumpkins in the cool, brisk air, nothing like a great thunderstorm to put you to sleep @ night, & we don’t mind walking in the rain…lot more to life than sunshine…priceless…again, come visit, you’ll see, winter is actually a VERY beautiful season,, just lasts a little longer than expected most of the time…frankly, I find Cal & Fla a bit boring..but I guess it’s all in what ya make it…

Donald asks…

Where can I get good walking shoes?

My fiance is planning our honeymoon for Las Vegas in June. I’ve never been to “Sin City” so I’m really looking forward to it. Based on the information that he was reading about all of the activities we want to go to, we will be doing a lot of walking along the strip. Since we will be visiting here at the end of June I know that the weather will be very hot …. I would like to know what a good shoe is for walking a lot in hot weather? I want something that will support my feet but be appropriate for heat and such.

Administrator answers:

Do Not wear flip flop. I made a huge mistake by wearing it during a hot summer day. The whole day i felt like my feet it burning. The pavement get really hot in the afternoon so shoes with really thin bottom is not good

Yes i know Croc is ugly and it is not trendy anymore, but it is still the most comfortable walking shoes i ever own!

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