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Your Questions About Las Vegas Weather

December 23, 2012

John asks…

What type of weather are you experiencing today?

In Las Vegas, Nevada is could not be more beautiful today. It sure makes you appreciate what you’ve got.

Let us pause and pray for our brothers and sisters in New Orleans!

God Bless, My Friends!

Go USA:)

Administrator answers:

Yea, New orleans, i feel really bad. They have to avacuate them.

Linda asks…

Has there ever been a major earthquake in Las Vegas?

I’m sure the city has felt minor earthquakes before (correct me if I’m wrong), but has a major earthquake ever affected Las Vegas? And is it possible for that to happen?

Administrator answers:

While earthquakes are not weather related, the biggest earthquake to affect that area was an 5.8 on the Richter scale back on August 30th 1974. The probability of an earthquake higher than a 6 is very low.

Michael asks…

WOuld Las Vegas be a ood vacation choice?

My family has been trying to plan a vavcation this summer, and we are thinking Las Vegas. Im a thirteen year old girl, my brother is 15, and my mom and dad are like 45. Would it be a fun choice? Would there be a lot of stuff to do? Is the weather nice?

Administrator answers:

Oh yes there are plenty of things for teens to do in Las Vegas. Here is a link to some activities you might enjoy. A couple pf recommendations from me would be Madame Tussauds Wax Museum and Bodies the Exhibition. The weather is dry during the day but cool at night. I hope this was helpful.

Attractions for kids-

Maria asks…

What would the weather be in January third through the seventh in Las Vegas Nevada?

what is the weather in Las Vegas in January(“

Administrator answers:

January will be in the middle of the winter season for Las Vegas. During the day it will be in the 50′s and at night it will drop to the 30′s. I hardly ever wear a heavy winter coat here. You may want one if you will be spending an extended amount of time outdoors or if you will be out very early morning, but most of the time only a light jacket or sweater is needed. The air is also very dry and it can get windy.

Thomas asks…

Is it cold in Las Vegas in early December?

I’m taking a vacation trip to Las Vegas next week, I’ve checked the weather forecast but I’m really not sure how cold would 65 temperature degree feel like as I lived almost my entire life in Hawaii, where temperature is usually around 80 degree. Any advice on what clothing to bring to keep warm there in Las Vegas? Would it be crazy to bring a quilted feather jacket?

Thank you!

Administrator answers:

Good question, since talking about temperature alone may mean little to someone living in a different climate. It is cool but not cold, but of course it’s all relative. We live in the North so for us Vegas is always warm. It feels even warmer because it is dry, so it’s never as cold or as hot as the official temperature would suggest because it lacks humidity. This means that for you it probably feels chilly and I would definitely bring a jacket (especially if you plan to walk outside at night), or a light coat. It does get windy (sand storms).

James asks…

What kind of storm came through North West AZ 3-4 hours ago?

A massive damaging rain storm passed through the Northwest corner of AZ this afternoon… what news stories are there concerning this? Las Vegas weather reports.

Administrator answers:

-A large cluster of Monsoon Thunderstorms -slowly rumbled Westward across NW Arizona late this Afternoon… Most of which have now pretty much rained Themselves out. :)

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