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December 27, 2012

George asks…

Would you move to las vegas or cincinnati?

I am from the northern virginia area, about 30 mins south of dc and I am seriously considering moving away. I have one friend that just moved to Las Vegas and loves it and I have another friend that lives near Cincinnati and she loves it too. I would also like to know which of the two has better jobs. Also, because I am a black lesbian, I would like to know which city is better. Please, no ignorant responses.

Administrator answers:

Darlin’….Get yourself out to Vegas in one big hurry! Cincy is nice too, but Vegas is great. You’ll make money hand over fist out there, depending on what you do and the weather is gorgeous, if you like the desert. I’ll make a suggestion to go out there and to Cincy, if you can, to take a look around. If both your friends are gay as well then they can tell you more about each city and the surrounding areas. Good luck!

Robert asks…

What are some good night clubs to go to in Las Vegas, and what should you where to them, in March?

I’m going to Las Vegas in March and I want to know what are some good clubs to go to and what should I wear to them?

Administrator answers:

Go someplace real, not Hoity Toity! The Courtyard Carousel between Harrah’s and Imperial Palace is great. Something different every night and no $20-$30 cover! It is outside but completely covered to avoid weather conditions. Be sure to have a jacket or sweater but other than that they just want you there to have a good time. Enjoy!

Joseph asks…

What time around, do you think the mayweather fight will start?

7pm? las vegas time?

Administrator answers:

No, the main card might start at 7 vegas time, but the may weather fight won’t be till a couple of hours later

Betty asks…

I’m planning on moving to Sante Fe or Albuquerque. How is the job market their?

I’m graduating from University Nevada Las Vegas with a degree in Hotel Management and I hope to land a job in some of the hotels around Sante Fe or Albuquerque. Is it possible to find a job out their despite this economy? How is the weather? Living? Etc. What should I expect? Thanks

Administrator answers:

Albuquerques doing okay on the job side of things! To be honest, everywheres getting better so im sure youll find something! Perhaps ring around a few places before you move?

Weather: damn hot in the summer, damn cold in the winter! Youre gonna get those hot dry summers, and snowy winters. Santa Fe is a great place to ski, but also do-able if you live in Albuquerque. In summer it really si crazy hot, but then im sure youre used to that anyways!

Livings great. Albuquerques bigger and more busting than Santa Fe. You obviously have the pros here of it having more to do, more metropolitan etc, but also the cons of a big town, so it depends what youre after!

Truthfully, expect much of the same climate wise to Las Vegas, but its a much more “manana” attitude in NM!!

Its a fab place to live, I wouldnt change ti for the world!!

Hope this helps!!

Laura asks…

What clothings & accessories should I need to carry on my US tour next week ?

I am going with my spouse(both Indian senior citizens)on a 2 week Tour of the US, commencing on May 15th . Places covered will be– Los Angeles, Las Vegas, San Fransisco, Washington & New York.
This is our first visit to the States.
How would the climate at these places be?
Do I carry warm clothings there?
What other suggestions would you give us?
Thanx a lot in anticipation.

Administrator answers:

Just curious – are you taking a plane to get from the west coast to the east coast? I remember several years ago exchanging emails with an English couple who were going to tour the USA by flying to New York, renting a car then driving to the west coast making numerous stops along the way to see the sights. They also had 2 weeks. I told them they weren’t going to make it if they made all their planned stops! It didn’t sink in until I mailed them a new copy of a US road atlas just how wide the US is.

Anyway the most you should need are light jackets and rain gear. The hottest place you’ll be going is Las Vegas which will be having temperatures in the upper 90s this week (degrees F).

If you have access to a computer when traveling, use this link to find out what the weather will be like: (Use the search box on the right rather than the one on the left)

Richard asks…

What are some good destinations for a honeymoon in December?

We have already been to the Carribean and Mexico. We also make routine trips to Florida about once a year. I was thinking either Las Vegas, Anaheim, and/or Hawai’i. Is there any preferences and what to do when we get there?

Administrator answers:

My husband and I were married in December and we honeymooned in Hawaii on Oahu. We LOVED it. It was an awesome time of year to go there…..and the Christmas decorations were up all over the island… was so pretty and the weather was beautiful.

Congratulations and enjoy wherever you choose to go!

David asks…

Where can I lay by a pool this winter in the states?

I’d like to take a short trip this December (5 days or so) to get out of the Seattle rain. Which state has the Warmest weather around that time, yet isn’t too expensive? I’d rather stay away from Florida and LA. So far the only things that come to mind are Arizona and Las Vegas, but I think the average high is only somewhere in the 60′s in both of those areas. Does anyone know for sure or have any other suggestions?

Administrator answers:

Palm Springs isn’t too bad (CA)…. But you are going to have to make sure you stay out of the high desert (near Vegas or Arizona) … It can get brutally cold and bitter there during the winter months.

I would suggest the Florida Keys – it is very low-key and relaxed.. Not like Miami or more popular beaches… And it is in the 80′s…90′s even.

Why not take a Bahama cruise? I went in December and had a blast…. It was warm, fun, and relaxing!!!

Try for their 90-day ticker deals… I got my cruise (for two people) for under $500 TOTAL. Very very nice vacation.

Ken asks…

For People in Las Vegas?: What was the average temperature there in the last 3 days?

For people living in Las Vegas, What was the average temperature like there in the last 3 days?

Wednesday: Day/Night
Thursday: Day/Night
Today (Friday): Day/Night


Administrator answers:

We had had cooler than normal weather. High 70, low 45 due to a front from CA passing thru. Today it is supposed to be 80 (Saturday)

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