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Your Questions About Las Vegas Weather

January 1, 2013

William asks…

Can an avocado tree be grown in the desert?

I live in Las Vegas and would love to have an avocado tree but not very many things can survive our spring and summer. If so, what name do I look for and can I order it online?

Administrator answers:

I work in a garden retail store in Wisconsin and we’ve had a couple come in this past summer who lived in Arizona and wanted to purchase one of these tree’s from us and take it back down there with them. Many of our managers and outdoor lot employees advised them it will be very hard to keep them through spring and summer, like you said. You can try to have one and plant it in an extremely large pot that you can move indoors during your fall and winter and inside during your spring and summer. They like the warm weather, but not extreme heat (85 degrees and anything over 100) and they also need to be kept watered a lot in any heat, they dry out quickly and if you’re up to the task the best of luck too you. I would personally recommend a different tree and I’m not sure where you could order them, below is a link from where our store orders all of our plants.

Laura asks…

Which hotel is better The Signature at MGM or thehotel at Mandalay Bay?

I will be staying in Las Vegas in January, what is the weather like around that time? I wanted to stay in a nice suite and these two hotels look really nice, slightly different then the other. Mandalay is cheaper the Signature has microwave, balcony, whirlpool, which I really would like. Its about $100 more. What do you think?

Administrator answers:

THEhotel…has very nice part of a property that is connected together with Mandalay Bay and The Four Seasons…all technically under the same roof.

The Signature @ MGM Grand…also has nice rooms and is the time share/privately owned part of MGM that gets rented out as well…but it is VERY far to the back of the property, and MGM is notorious for it’s VERY long walkways. Also, someone that works there has reported on YA previously that panhandlers/beggers/etc are commonly hanging around outside and she is concerned for her own safety oftentimes when coming to work. Inside the property, you should be fine…just a long walk.

MY suggestion…for the same prices of the Signature or the THEhotel rooms…have you checked on the prices of upgrading to a suite within the main hotel itself? Both Mandalay Bay and MGM Grand have wonderful suites within their main/original properties. (I’ve stayed in all of these properties and have helped run a major conference that has been at MGM Grand and at Mandalay Bay…and continues at Mandalay Bay each year.) The suites at both properties are wonderful, and even though THEhotel is an all-suite property none of its rooms have a microwave….though I swear I’ve had a microwave in my suites at Mandalay Bay…BOTH properties…THEhotel and Mandalay Bay would allow you to have a microwave delivered to the room…for $25 a nite. Now, commonly, if you request it after you’ve checked in and call down to housekeeping once you’ve already checked in…then commonly…the extra $25 a nite charge never gets charged…but I can’t promise that.

WEATHER… Its COLD in Las Vegas in January…at least to those who live here…but to most people temps in the 30′s are considered cold. In nearly mid December we’re already bouncing into the low 40′s…and January is always colder. *Las Vegas actually got enough snow last year to have its schools close down for a “snow day”…how wild huh? Over 6 inches of snow in many places! We made snowmen on the streets and sidewalks!

As far as a microwave, balcony, whirlpool..some suites inside the MGM’s main property have all those, and are HUGE. I’ve still got great contacts there…oh, and most properties don’t have rooms with balconies. Considering the homeless/panhandling issues around Signature and the fact it’ll be so cold when you’re here, I wouldn’t count the balcony-thing as a positive anyway. (MGM has a huge suite that used to be called the Balcony Suite, they’ve changed their names now, but the balcony on that one is over 700 square feet alone…PLUS the room itself! AND had an outdoor 4 or more person Hot Tub…but I’m pretty sure the outside hot tubs are gone now!)

Hope I haven’t confused you more…but, in short, I’d pass on Signature…stick with THEhotel with a microwave added….or book an upgraded suite at either MGM Grand or Mandalay Bay…both NICE properties! (I booked THEhotel with a “bump up” for my cousin a few months ago when she came into town with some friends and needs SOME SPACE!!!

Lisa asks…

What clothes will I need for Vegas in November?

We have just booked to go to Las Vegas in November – what will the weather be like at that time of year – what kind of clothes should we take – bikinis, coats????

Administrator answers:

Bikini, thong preferably.
Definitely some kind of tight booty shorts.
And a cleavage shirt.

Thomas asks…

Is Ceramic or Porcelein a good material for flooring a 1st floor house?

We plan to do our floors on our newly purchased pre-owned house. We wanted something shiny that looks like granite, but also want go cheaper. Is ceramic or porcelein a good materials or should we just spend the extra bucks for a granite?

House is located on Las Vegas, NV I’m not sure if there is going to be issues with hot weather area.

The Ground floor is about 755 sq ft.

Administrator answers:

Ceramic tile is a mixture of clays and other natural materials. The special clays are mined from the earth, shaped, colored and than fired in kilns. Traditional ceramic tile can be naturally colored and left unglazed like terra cotta, or they can feature colored or highly designed surfaces which can be glazed (finished with a glass surface) either in a high gloss or matte finish. Most ceramic tile has either a white or red body coloration underneath the glazed, colored top layer.

Porcelain tile is a newer form of ceramic tile and extremly popular among homeowners. Porcelain tiles are composed of fine porcelain clays and fired at much higher temperatures than ceramic tiles. This process makes porcelain tile more dense, less porous, much harder and less prone to moisture and stain absorption than ceramic tiles. For these reasons, most porcelain tiles are suitable for both indoor and outdoor installations. Porcelain tiles are also harder to cut due to their density and hardness.

Sandy asks…

What do I wear in Las Vegas in February?

I’m going to Las Vegas on the 25th- 28th of this month. What to wear? Should I pack for cold weather or warm? Sweaters, coats ect.. Any advice will be appreciated.

Administrator answers:

Depends on the weather and where you are from, and what you planning on doing while you are there. We came from Michigan twice in mid-March, so we thought the weather was beautiful. Check ahead of time to get an idea of what it will be like. It can still be a bit chilly at times around this time of year, but can get warm in the sun. I found that layers work well (like a light jacket over a tshirt), that way if you get warm you can take the jacket off. Best bet is take a little of everything from maybe one pair of shorts or light pants, tshirts, long sleeved, light jacket, and then something heavier like a sweatshirt or sweater for nighttime, as it can be much cooler when the sun goes down. Definitely take comfortable walking shoes. Hope you have a great trip!

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