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Your Questions About Las Vegas Weather

January 5, 2013

George asks…

Could cold weather give you headaches, and a feeling to sleep more?

A couple days ago I moved to colorado, and I’ve been having headaches,bloody noses, and I have been wanting to sleep.I moved from Las Vegas.Is there anyway to make this go away?

Administrator answers:

I always get headaches from the changing barometric pressure. Check with a doctor to get a good prescription. Nose bleads could be something else.

Lizzie asks…

What are the best places to visit along the West Coast?

I am going on a road trip from Fort Worth, Tx through the west coast visiting; Mesa Verde NP in Colorado- Arches NP,Bryce Canyon, & Zion NP in Utah-Grand Canyon NP in Arizona- Las Vegas in Nevada- Los Angeles, Yosemite NP, San Fransisco Area, & Redwood NP in California- Mt Rainier NP & Seattle in Washington- Glacier NP in Montana- Yellowstone NP in Wyoming- Mount Rushmore NP & then a long drive back home. I want to know any place I really should stop along the way like oddities, great vegetarian restaurants, parks, waterfalls, vintage clothing stores, cheap neat things, great views, museums and whatever else. Remember this is a road trip so it doesn’t need to actually be there places along the way are great too. This is a lot of work trying to find things to do places to go I am counting on you to help me out. Oh! and I am traveling with two teenagers so that would be a good thing to keep in mind. Thank you for taking the time to read this. Please reply with anything you deem worthy.

Administrator answers:

I would consider taking a small detour south of Los Angeles down to San Diego, it’s about 2 hours south of downtown LA. It’s one of the best places to visit in CA b/c of the perfect weather, beautiful warm beaches, and all the attractions. SD is one of CA’s biggest tourist destination and is best during the summer. You got all the typical attractions like the world famous San Diego Zoo, SD Wild Animal Park, SeaWorld, Balboa Park and all the musuems there, ect… Great nightlife downtown and in Pacific Beach. And it has the best beach scene and some of the best beach communities on the West Coast. La Jolla is a really beautiful and wealthy beachside community There is so much beautiful natural scenery all over the place too; great views from all the hills and mountains of the city and ocean, beautiful natural canyons all over the city even in the really urban parts, and there is so much to do all the time there, especially in summer. And you won’t have to worry about the weather, it will not be too hot, too cold, or rain at all. You can also take a day trip to Mexico and check things out.

Also when you go from LA to SF take highway 101 or 1 and not I-5. The scenery and towns along the coastal route are much better. I-5 is mainly for people looking to get between Northern and Southern CA quick and not for sightseeing at all unless you enjoy hot, dry, flat farmland for hundreds of miles. Visit Santa Barbara, Morro Bay, Hearst Castle in San Simeon, Big Sur, Carmel, and Monterey on your way up to the SF Bay Area.

Sandra asks…

Where can I find out what time the sun sets at a particular time of year?

I would like to know what time the sun sets in Las Vegas, NV in the middle of January.

Administrator answers:

Good old Yahoo Weather should do it for you. Just type in Las Vegas as the location. Then work your way down to Records & Averages. Then to Daily averages. It lists the sunrise and sunset times for any month you choose.

Maria asks…

How to turn off gas fireplace pilot?

I live in Las Vegas and of course it always hot weather here so I don’t need my gas fireplace pilot to be on because I never use it and the pilot still generates some heat.
There is a wall switch that lights the fireplace and next to that is a valve with a key in it.
My question is, which way do I turn the key to turn off the gas going to the fireplace?

And does this key turn off the pilot or does that need to be done proffesionaly? If I turn the key will there still be gas leaking?


Administrator answers:

Inside the fireplace.. You will find a dial with 3 settings… On… Off ..and pilot…turn it to off…..come winter time turn it to pilot and press it hold a match to the pilot..once it will need to hold the button pressed in for about 45 seconds..then release it if pilot flame is lit..then turn the knob to on………..if you were to turn it off on the wall..then the re liting process will take way more time..but either way is both safe.. Most gas valves turn off by turning 1/4 turn to the right

Ken asks…

what clothes to wear on a cold weather but with FASHION?

my family and i are going to LA and Las Vegas this christmas. Please tell me what clothes I can wear on a cold weather but in a FASHIONABLE way. the ones i can use when we TOUR around the place and be COMFORTABLE with and not really look like a tourist, a new comer or an overdressed/too much fashion person. SIMPLE yet VERY stylish. =) thanks!
suggestions on the combinations of clothes, jackets and the colors, scarf. maybe some pictures for more ideas.
oh and shoes, too! can i wear my converse chucks on a cold weather? or is it better for boots and rubber shoes?

Administrator answers:

For bottom, i suggest you skinny jeans. They are a hot trend right now, and choice a dark shade, near black. Otherwise, maybe some tartan pants, very class, in shades of gray and black.

For the tops, these are a lots of advices and ides for you. First, a cute cardigan, in thin whool. Under that, you can wear a little tank, in the color you want. Add some accessories, like earings and necklaces. Otherwise, try a long sweater, maybe tutleneck. For made it more fashion, add a satin ribbon a the waist. Http://
After that, for something more dressy, try a silk shirt. It’s hot, class, but fun. Http://
If you want a look more asiatic or ethnic look, try these pretty kimono top, in satin. They can be very colorful, but you can choose one with only one neutral color like black. It’s one of the main pieces or the winter wardrobe, especially for holidays.


For the shoes now, try those new ankle boots. With a jean, or other pants, they are perfect and warm for cold times. Forget about the runnings shoes, or converse, cause winter’s here, and maybe snow too. So you will be cold there. Http://
But if you don’t like this type of shoes, and the high heels too, there’s a great solution. The boots in suede are pretty, and cool.

Http:// ( I have those, but in black)

Hope these tips helped you, and have a great trip in L.A., and Las Vegas ! Have fun !

Donna asks…

Is there a website where I can see weather reports from a previous date?

For instance, if I wanted to know the temperature in Las Vegas on June 1st, 2002 where would I go?


Administrator answers:

The WeatherARC website has that information. Their website is They have that information in hourly format or daily and do charge for their data. So you could get what the temperature was at each hour or just the average temperature for the day. Good luck!

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