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Your Questions About Las Vegas Weather

January 12, 2013

Donna asks…

Where do you think is the best place to live in the United States?

I live in San Diego, California and it certainly is a paradise. Perfect weather year round. I never use a heater or an air-conditioner. I surf and play beach volleyball 12 months a year. Skiing is a short car ride away. Mexico, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, the desert, the mountains are all near.

I guess Hawaii would be a nice place to live as well, but I can’t think of any other place in the country that I would want to live. By the way, I come from New York.

Administrator answers:

Indiana is a pretty nice place to live. You get to see all four seasons and it doesn’t have huge cities or anything. It’s really cheap to live here. You can get a new house built for a little over 100,000 and that’s pretty good.

Paul asks…

How do you know what the Universal Standard Time is?

For a project we have to list the Universal Standard Time (UTC) of each of these five cities when we check their weather maps each day:
-Cedar Rapids, IA
-Raleigh, NC
-Las Vegas, NV
-Albany, NY
-Melbourne, FL

I checked the maps at 11:00 am EST, so Raleigh, Albany, and Melbourne have the same time. Cedar Rapids would be 10:00 am and Las Vegas would be 8:00 am.

How would I know what their Universal Standard Time is?

Administrator answers:

In the USA Time Zones relate to UTC by —

EST = UTC + 5 hrs
CST + 6 hrs
MST + 7 hrs
PST + 8 hrs
Subtract the corresponding Hrs from the time in the Zone
of the get UTC

Donald asks…

I had a terrifying flying experience, and now I’m afraid to fly. How to rebound?

Last month, while coming back from Las Vegas (MD-80 Aircraft, Allegiant Airlines) – The smaller plane I was on hit massive weather (Hail and Thunderstorm) — along with extreme turbulence. There was a 20 minute period, where the pilot seemed to lose control of the aircraft – As the wings pitched wildly, and we were almost upside down at one point. Then hail hit the fuselage, and it sounded like the air frame was breaking apart as we dropped in huge 50-100 foot incrememnts through the clear air turbulence.

I’ve never been a nervous flyer, and I fly several times a year. Now I’m pretty much terrified to get back on an airplane — And I was wondering if anyone has any tips or tricks to overcoming my fear?

Administrator answers:

Severe turbulence rarely happens but of course, it does to the rare flight.

Obviously you were either taking off or descending and to be honest, the pilot of that flight made a bad decision to depart or descend knowing that the aircraft would be heading into bad weather. Most pilot’s would have requested a flight delay or circle untill the storm passed over, but it’s the pilot’s judgement so I guess he thought they would take the chance. Turbulence during departure or arrival usually doesn’t happen except in bad weather (like in your flight) and again a bad choice by the pilot, as passengers and crew may have been injured, because it definitely sounds like it was severe turbulence. Take off and landing are the most dangerous parts of the flight (even though planes are very safe), that’s why passengers often go very quiet at those stage’s of the flights.

I highly doubt that the pilot lost controll of the aircraft. It may have just felt like that because the turbulence was so bad.

Sometimes, a pilot will force the aircraft to drop several hundred feet during very bad turbulence, because it may take the plane below the pocket of turbulence, and the pilot will slowly take the plane back up to get past the pocket of turbulence.

This was just one flight. Anyone who flys a lot may experience a bad flight atleast once in there life time if any. Remember that flying is safer than driving a car. Think of all those cars on the road, one could hit you at any moment.

Personally, if I had been on that flight I wouldn’t be flying with Allegiant Airlines again, if there own pilot’s make such absurd decisions to fly through a major thunderstorm with hail and heavy rain.

A great site for information of general passenger airline travel, and air turbulence is a website called “flying safely on the Boeing 777″. An actual airline pilot owns the site and answers people’s questions about flying (it provides information for any aircraft not just the 777, hence the name).

There is a great section on Air turbulence were the captain, explains common questions:

– I hope this helps, and be sure to check out that site! It will make you feel a lot more comfortable when on your next flight!

- Alexandra / Sonic

Michael asks…

What to wear to Los Angeles in February?

Ok guys I come from the UK and here February is a cold month. Temperatures are usually in the 30′s or 40′s but often get lower than that. I was wondering what the weather is like in Los Angeles at that time of year and what clothes to put in my suitcase. I’m also going to Las Vegas and San Fransico. Any advice.

Administrator answers:

Temps can get into the 40s at night and 60-70s during the day. There’s a significant drop in temperature at night, so it is best to bring layered clothing and sweaters or medium jackets to keep warm. San Francisco can feel downright cold, the winds blow pretty hard. I’ve worn heavier coats there but that was coming from Southern California. San Francisco always feels cold except in October and November, that’s their real summer. Expect Vegas to get cold at night, even as low as the 30s but maybe mid 60s during the day. In the western states and especially in the desert, which LA still qualifies as, night temperatures can vary 30 degrees easily so you need warmer clothing for nights. It stays cool in the earlier mornings and warms up by noon. Now for you, you are accustomed to a moist cold climate so the temps will feel a bit warmer since these are cities with a drier climate. But figure adjusting your clothing for temperatures being about 10 degrees above what you are familiar with. Bring jackets, sweaters and gloves, long sleeves, but maybe not real heavyweight clothing.

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