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Your Questions About Las Vegas Weather

January 17, 2013

Maria asks…

How should I dress for cold weather?

I’m going to Chicago & Parts of Wisconsin this New Year. I’m from Las Vegas, Cold is 40F. Please help me because I have no idea on what to buy . . . I don’t want a saleswoman/salesman telling me what to purchase. Thank you!

Administrator answers:

Just wear some jeans and a sweatshirt…no big deal. :)

Lizzie asks…

Why are diffrent stated behind in the style?

I went to visit my family in Ohio and Im from Las Vegas.I noticed (no offense) that they mostly were Ambercombie (or at least of what I saw), and everybody was always talking about emo kids.Back here though, everyone is scene and where’s skinny jeans.Why does the style so late in different places?

Administrator answers:

Well, of course there’s the weather factor.
People in cali or nevada will wear skimpier things while people in idaho will wear sweaters all of the time.

And i guess it has to do with the scene there. Maybe a certain scene hasn’t reached there yet, and maye we haven’t caught theirs? [but if they're wearing abercrombie they probably don't like to think for themselves.]


Nancy asks…

Where would be the best place to go on a road trip with friends?

Me and some friends might want to go on a road trip this summer. We live in Northern Ohio, so we’re really sick of cold weather lol. And we don’t want to go anywhere northern. So where would be the best place to take a road trip to? And btw, we are not 21 or older. So Las Vegas is out of the question.

Administrator answers:

The Grand Canyon, Mt. Rushmore, Chicago, Myrtle Beach, Miami, FL, Hilton Head, and Asheville, SC (visit the Biltmore House) are some fun ideas. I am also from northern ohio and feel your pain.

Lisa asks…

Can somebody tell me how much Greyhound Bus Lines charrges for bus tickets?

I don’t have the luxury of the internet (only from my stupid phone). My phone’s internet has insufficient memory for me to get on the Greyhoound site. I wanna know how much a bus ticket from Medford, Oregon is to Las Vegas, Nevada.

Administrator answers:

You never gave a day to leave or weather it was a one way or round trip. So what I did was put in round trip from Medford to Vegas on a Wensday and its about $370 If you purchase the ticket at the bus station. If its just a one way trip (not coming back) its $184.

John asks…

Will I have a problem with bars, night clubs, check in for hotels, ect if I have a temporary Drivers License?

I am going to Las Vegas for my 21st a couple of days after my birthday. I am planning on getting a new Drivers License from the MVD (because we all know I am not going to be served with a vertical ID) but they have been known to give out temporary IDs. Will there be a problem? I’d imagine because of the papery state of it they’ll think it’s fake.

Administrator answers:

They don’t take your under 21 ID from you they just punch a hole it it which is an indication that who ever views it should ask for the paper ID that shows you have applied for a new driver’s license. It doesn’t matter weather the id is vertical or horizontal … What matters is the date of birth on the ID. Carry both with you until you get your permanent ID.

Michael asks…

What is the best route from Saint Paul MN to Las Vegas?

I will be driving this route in October or early November, hoping to beat bad weather.

This is not a sightseeing trip. I’d like the fastest and best route, and one that is not likely to climb mountains with snow, if possible.

Administrator answers:

I-35S> I-40W> US 93 N
The crossing of the Continental Divide is just east of Gallup NM at fairtly low altitude of about 7000′ .
There are two spots where the weather / terrain combination could get interesting would be the downhill run from Moriaty NM to Albuquerque and 30 miles either side of Flagstaff
Personally I would check the westbound weather when I got to Des Moines and if it’s good I would just go I-80 W>I-15S
One speed killing disadvantage of using I-35 is that it takes you thru a couple of more cities than the I-80/I-15 combo does

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