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Your Questions About Las Vegas Weather

January 23, 2013

Steven asks…

Why does Las Vegas have such a negative repuation?

I have been debating a move to Las Vegas. Housing is inexpensive, even in good neighborhoods, and there is ALWAYS something to do. However, how come when I talk about moving there to anyone they think I am crazy and start telling me about all the negative things?

Administrator answers:

I live in Las Vegas, and I’m ready to move. Housing is still pretty reasonable compared to other cities,and there’s lots to do, even if you don’t gamble

The job market is good but salaries are low. There are a lot of jobs for unskilled labor, with low pay.

I hate the weather. Way too hot in the summer, over 100 almost every day. Winters are nice, but it doesn’t rain much at all. I really miss the rain.

If you like the desert and the summer heat, it’s a good place to live. I have friends who love it here.

Definitely investigate the job market first. Here’s the website for the Las Vegas Review Journal.


Donna asks…

What type of clothes do I wear to Vegas in February?

I am traveling to Las Vegas at the end of February and was wondering what is considered weather appropriate at this time. I looked on and it seems that the average temp is in the 60s. Any advice?

Administrator answers:

Yeh, it’s going to be a little cooler than you imagine….In Las Vegas normal street clothes would be fine…for clubs a little more dressy, say corporate casual….Las Vegas is quite informal generally. Los Angeles umm about the same. Clubs a bit more dressy…

Donald asks…

What to wear to play ball in cold weather?

Its been cold lately here in Las Vegas (26 degrees Fahrenheit).

I have a nike jacket that i wear but I still wear shorts.

Administrator answers:

26 is nothing compare here in LA is 19 F. Anyway, wear a bini hat,sweater, & sweat pants. It might not be warm enough but while your playing play, you blood will pump & you will be warmer.

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