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January 25, 2013

Steven asks…

Ideas for planning a family road trip across the US?

My mum’s boyfriend is planning to take us this summer but we’re still open to ideas before we start planning and booking things. We’ve been thinking renting a truck for around 2 weeks at the end of July and roughly spanning the west coast.

I think the only places we have in mind are Salt Lake City, Las Vegas, a few cities in California, Seattle, and perhaps Vancouver if it’s possible to cross the border with a UK passport?

So a few questions, what will the weather be like around this time? (I know it will obviously vary, but roughly, you know). Are there any places you would recommend visiting, be it cities, national parks, beaches etc.? Don’t mind if it’s particularly touristy or not. Also how long do you think it would take this approximate route and back? Staying in hotels and staying two or three nights in maybe one or two places? Honestly any ideas are really helpful, I’m open for any suggestions at all.

Thank you so much in advance~ xx
It’s not a problem if 2 weeks isn’t enough (I suspected it might be), we’re flexible on most things, the only place I’d post definitely want to visit is Seattle, so any ideas beyond that would be a great help. x

Administrator answers:

Some thoughts/suggestions:
I would suggest at least 3-4 weeks. When I was a child I took a road trip with my parents that was similar to your possible itinerary. We traveled for 3 weeks and our trip originated in Seattle since that is where we lived – so the 3 weeks trip we took did not include any sightseeing in Seattle or Washington State.

Salt Lake City: Unless you are LDS and making a pilgrmage to Salt Lake City for religious reasons, I wouldn’t bother. The city is in the middle of nowhere – hours away from anything and, in my opinion, not particularly interesting. The Great Salt Lake is somewhat interesting, but highly over-rated. My most vivid memory was of getting bitten alive by millions of sand flees/flies to get near the water. It is also very hot there in late July. A better destination go see something unlike you will see in the UK would be seeing the Grand Canyon: If you really want to go to Utah, Bryce Canyon and Zion National Parks (among others) are much more interesting than Salt Lake City. Allow about 2-3 day minium to explore the Grand Canyon and it’s only about 5 hours from Las Vegas and you can see Hoover Dam on the way.

Las Vegas is definitely unique – I’d allow about a day to see it.

California – it is a very large and very diverse state – lots to see and do from the theme parks in southern California in the Los Angeles area and beautiful beaches traveling north all along the coast on highway 101. San Francisco is of course a popular destination and about 2 hours north of San Francisco wine country and the majestic redwoods in Redwoods National Park: You can easily spend a week or more just in California.

Oregon – the Oregon coast is also gorgeous, but if you prefer to save some time, go up I-5 and take a side trip to check out Crater Lake National Park. Mt Hood and Timberline Lodge are also fantastic – the place where the movie The Shining was filmed. Allow about a day to drive through Oregon even if you go up I-5 and don’t take many side trips or stop all that much.

Washington – Traveling along I-5, be sure to stop and visit Mt St Helens. Of course, in Seattle there are many things to see and do: I would allow at least 2 or 3 days just in Seattle. Seattle is usually very comfortable in late July – sunny and warm, but not hot. Another side trip in Washington you might want to consider is Olympic National Park: Beautiful beaches, fantastic mountain vistas and the only temperate rain forests in the US. Allow at least 2 days just to drive around the park – it is around 350 miles to make a loop around the perimeter to see some of the highlights.

The San Juan Islands: can either be visited as a day trip from Seattle or as an overnight trip. Leave the vehicle behind to give yourself more options to get there easily and less expensively.

Vancouver, BC – You should have no trouble getting into Canada with a passport from the UK – but check before you go. If you intend to come back into the US after visiting Vancouver, make sure if you get a visa that you have multiple entry (in and out privileges to the US) or else just leave to go back home from Canada and don’t re-enter the US.

As you can probably tell from my answer, I would highly recommend visiting several of the national parks in the US – it is there you will see things totally unique to the US and unlike anything you will see in the UK. If you think you will want to visit several, it would be a good idea for your boyfriend’s mum to buy an annual pass that includes free admission to all of them – quite a good deal:

George asks…

does greyhound bus lines allow you to change your destination for a ticket already purchase.?

purchased ticket aug 8 for las vegas nv was unable to use it. instead of a refund i want to switch my destination to dallas texas and it’s cheaper. will they do that and does it being less make a difference.

Administrator answers:

From the greyhound website

To submit your request for a refund, please contact us in writing. Following are frequently asked questions about our refund policy.

I have a partially used ticket. How do I receive a refund?
A “partially used ticket” means you purchased a ticket and did not complete the trip prior to the final destination. Partially used one-way tickets are not refundable. Partially used round trip-tickets may be submitted for refund when either the going or return portion is completely unused. Refund will be based on the fare paid minus the one-way fare, and includes a cancellation penalty of 20 percent of the remaining value. If both the going and return portions are partially used the ticket has no refund value. Advance purchase and other special fare tickets are non-refundable.

The bus was late. Am I entitled to a refund?
No. While Greyhound makes every effort to provide on-time service, it does not guarantee its departure and arrival times, which may be affected by any number of factors including weather, traffic, or mechanical problems. Greyhound is not liable for any inconvenience or expense caused as a result of such a delay.

The bus was late and I missed a connection on another bus line. Am I entitled to a refund of the other ticket?
No. Greyhound is not liable for the expense of connecting bus service missed as a result of a delay. However, you may wish to contact the connecting bus line for their specific refund procedures.

The bus was late and I missed a connecting flight. Am I entitled to a refund of the cost of my plane ticket?
No. Greyhound is not liable for any other travel expense caused as a result of a delay.
Its bit confusing they say you can a refund yet you cant
change your destination..

Can I get a refund at the terminal?
Yes. For unrestricted tickets, the original purchaser may obtain a refund at the location in which the ticket was purchased.

I lost my ticket. How do I receive a refund?
Greyhound is not liable for lost, stolen, or destroyed tickets.

I just learned of a lower fare available, but I already bought the ticket at a higher price. How do I receive a refund?
Fares are subject to change at any time without notification. Any unrestricted ticket is refundable minus the cancellation fee.

I qualify for a senior discount, but I already bought the ticket at a higher price. How do I receive a refund?
You must ask for the discount at the time of sale. Greyhound cannot provide refunds for discounts once the sale is complete.

I haven’t used my ticket. Can I get a refund?
All unrestricted one-way and round trip tickets are good for travel and/or refund for a period of one year from the date of purchase. Tickets held after this time period will be considered null and void and will retain no value for travel and/or refund. Certain advance purchase and/or other reduced fare tickets may carry a time limit or refund period less than the amount noted above.

Can I exchange my ticket for a different travel date or time?
Yes, however, a fee may apply if the ticket is not a refundable walk-up fare. If the ticket is non-refundable or advance purchase ticket, departure date and time may be changed for a $10 fee per ticket provided the following conditions are met:

Any advance purchase requirement cannot be violated.
Applicable holiday blackout restrictions for advance purchase fares must not be violated.
The time limit from the original sale date must not be violated. All transactions and travel must be completed within one year of the original purchase date.
Origin and destination may not be changed under any circumstances in an exchange.

I’d like to change my destination. Can I do that without paying a fee?
No. Origin or destination may not ever be changed, fee or no fee.

© Greyhound Lines, Inc. All rights reserved. Family of Companies : Privacy Policy : Company : Careers : Contact Us : Sitemap

Joseph asks…

What is the best date for an outdoors wedding in Las vegas?

When is the weather not too cold, or not too hot, just right?

Administrator answers:

The best months for outdoor wedding in Vegas are April, May, June, Sept, Oct.
Here is Vegas month to month average temperature.

Susan asks…

American women who go to clubs, get dressed up in hot dresses, are you trying to impress men and women?

I’m from spain but i was visiting the USA/ Las Vegas over the weekend! There was a group of women (8 of them) at a club and there were tons of guys trying to talk to these women and they totally blew them off including me and my friends also. They didnt want to talk to any guys at all but only to sit and dance with each other and no guys or not even mingle with any. So my question is why do american women even bother to get dressed up? Who are you trying to impress or look good for?

Administrator answers:

The problem that these woman face, is the fact that they are brain washed in-to thinking that is the way to look and dress. They spend fortunes getting all dressed up, new cloths every weekend, expensive make-up. Why you ask? They do this because the media is telling them to do this. Weather its a magazine, Internet advertising,or to copy cat a pop star. Or any other means of advertising. They are brain washed in-to believing that this is the way to be. But in reality they are being conned out of money, from greedy company’s who sell this woman stuff to do them self’s up. They most certainly do not do for a males benefitt, they do it because that is the way they are Brain washed in-to doing it.

Mark asks…

when does it start snowing in colorado?

i live in canon city, colorado. its 2 hours from denver, south, 1 hour from colorado springs and south and about 30 minutes from pueblo. its the south east region pretty much. my boyfriend plans on moving out here from las vegas so he needs to drive all his stuff out. when does it start to snow in colorado? what would be the latest he could safely make it here?

Administrator answers:

I used to live in Colorado Springs. Colorado can get snow anywhere from September-April. However, the worst snow usually starts around January. I’d say Colorado gets it’s first snow around Halloween, maybe a little before in the mountains. I hope that helped :) However, there is a saying in Colorado “If you don’t like the weather, wait 10 minutes.” It can change fast. The first year I was there it snowed the last day of you never know. Lol

Sharon asks…

Going to Las Vegas at the start of November, what clothes should i bring?

Also do people get dressed up at night time? What will the weather be like?


Administrator answers:

Definitely bring a jacket that can be both formal and casual. People get dressed up if the clubs require it. Most don’t. Nights will be in the low 60′s and days are around low 80′s in November. The rainy season (like we have one!) is gone, so don’t worry about wet weather! Definitely bring sunglasses; they double as protection from sand when it’s windy.

Sandra asks…

Do i really need to get my 2002 honda civic timing belt replaced at 85,000 miles?

The mechanic 1 yr ago when i had 73k miles on my honda told me i need to replace the timing belt because i live in las vegas because here it is either very cold or very hot weather. But now 1 yr & another 12k miles later on my honda they are telling me the same thing.
Should i replace it or wait until like the warranty manual says at 100k plus miles?

Administrator answers:

It needs to be replaced by 90k… Its a very very important item to get replaced so i suggest you do it asap if your already around that point. Its not a very cheap service but if you lose your timing belt your car is pretty much f*cked soo i wouldnt wait past 90k. I have a 98 civic and i have had to have it replaced 2 times and im at 178k

Paul asks…

What is the weather like in Las Vegas?

I am going to Las Vegas tomorrow. I want to know what the weather is like on the strip, like during the day and at night. I need to know what type of clothes I should bring too! Please, answer
Thank y’all :-)

Administrator answers:

Yes check the weather online by typing las vegas weather today/tomorrow on any search engine… Around 20 degrees C during this period, which means warm but not hot. You may want to walk around in a T-Shirt in the day, maybe in the sun, but you’ll need a jacket in the evening. The desert does have significant temperature changes between day and night.

Thomas asks…

Is it okay to shower every other day?

I’m a 24 year old male and I was wondering if it was okay to shower every other day. I live in las vegas and the weather is very dry all the time and when I shower everyday my skin gets dry. I’m not in sports and don’t do any activites that would make me sweat during the day. And is there a way to shower everyday but not get dry skin. I have tried lotion and taking shorter showers but nothing seems to work

Administrator answers:

Try drinking more water, that is the easiest way to hydrate your skin. Avoid sugary drinks, sodas, and alcohol.

An Omega 3-6-9 supplement will also help. It’s a combination of fish oils and flax seed oils.

My brother is a dermatologist, and he always says it’s easier to hydrate the skin from the inside out, not by using creams and moisturizers.

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