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Your Questions About Las Vegas Weather

January 30, 2013

James asks…

When does it start getting cooler in Las Vegas.?

Vegas during the summer is HOT!!! Right now its 105 and through the week it will be above 100.

When does it start getting below 90 here in Las Vegas. (Sweating while typing)

Administrator answers:

September and October will be perfect weather here in Vegas. Temps in the 90′s and 80′s.

Charles asks…

What I should pack if I’m going to Las Vegas in two weeks?

Im going to visit some friends in Arizona and they told me that we are going to the Grand Canyon and to Las Vegas. Help me please!! How is the weather there and what I should wear to hang out?

Administrator answers:

Bring light-weight slacks, jeans, a couple pairs of shorts, as far as tops a few light weight long sleeved ones, and a some short sleeved ones, when going to Vegas always bring a sweater that you can carry around with you, the casino’s are always cold.

Have Fun!!!

Laura asks…

What would be the ideal amount of clothes to pack for a trip to Las Vegas, Nevada in June?

I am 22 years old, going with two other girls similiar to my age. We plan to go to clubs at night and pools during the day. We might go to some nice restaurants a couple nights otherwise we might grab room service or a quick dinner. I would like to know how the weather is in June or anything that might help me/us prepare for the trip.

Administrator answers:

Don’t over pack the airline will charge you for anything over 50 lbs on your checked luggage. There are plenty of shops in most of the newer casinos and there is the Fashion Mall on the strip too, in case you do need to get something (who doesn’t love to shop!?)
Vegas is very casual, so just bring simple basics ( tank tops, shorts, a pair of jeans & any cute/sexy outfit for the clubs).
A good pair of walking shoes is a must.

Carol asks…

Does one need snow chains on the freeway driving from Salt Lake City to Los Angeles?

We will be driving one-way from Salt Lake City to Las Vegas and then from Las Vegas back to LA before Thanksgiving. Is the drive on the 15 highway require chains??

Administrator answers:

Nope, I wouldn’t think it would be closed or require chains, especially between LA and Las Vegas. You can check current conditions in Utah here: (you can move the map with your mouse),V:1673,

I could not find any good site for weather road conditions in Nevada. CA should be no problem. There is an excellent set of radio stations in the Mojave Desert and surrounding areas that focus and weather and traffic reports but play music rather than just be all news/weather/traffic:

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