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February 2, 2013

Linda asks…

What should I wear to Las Vegas and the Dew Tour Championships this weekend?

Okay so I am going to Vegas this weekend for a good time and have no clue what to wear. I am also going to the Dew Tour championships and will be seen by the likes of Ryan Sheckler and P Rod, as well as many other hot skaters, and want all eyes to be on me.

Administrator answers:

Wear whatever you want there. I just got back from there was 90 degrees in the day and 70 at night. Beautiful weather. People wore whatever they wanted there. Shorts to evening gowns.

Paul asks…

Taking a roadtrip from Illinois to L.A., what time in the summer would be the best to visit?

We are starting from Springfield and then heading to Denver after that through Las Vegas, then finally arriving in L.A. Me and my girlfriend are planning on staying in SoCal for 16 days.
Thanks you two for the excellents input….. I have decided that we are going to make the trip from July 18-August 3. Any must hit spots I should check out on the way and in the L.A. area?

Administrator answers:

July is a good month to visit L.A. Usually our typical weather pattern of early morning cloud cover (June Gloom) has passed and the weather is good. Las Vegas will be hot, but it is anyway in the Summer. If you are here for the 4th of July you can see some good Fireworks down on the Beach either in Santa Monica or Long Beach or Disneyland. If you are planning to visit Disneyland, don’t bother with California Adventure. The rides are nothing special. Downtown Disney has some great restarurants and night life.

Donna asks…

why does my taurus stall out every summer when the temperature in las vegas reaches over 105 degrees?

In cool weather this never happens. For the last 5 summers, when the above temperature is reached it stalls out usually at an intersection waiting for light to change. I then have to wait several hours until it can be driven again. This has got me into some really scary situations. I’m on disability and can not afford to go to a repair shop. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks , Harry

Administrator answers:

Hi Harry, sorry a problem like this cannot be diagnosed over the internet. You will hear twenty different answers. I would start by hooking up a scanner and checking the coolant temp sensor. I assume you own a scanner. Then I would scan for any codes or any codes that are pending. Then I would pressure test and block test the vehicle to determine any possible leaks.

Thomas asks…

Planning a trip to Vegas in October…should I book now or wait?

I am planning a surprise birthday trip for my husband to Las Vegas in the beginning of October. I have decided I want to stay at the MGM Signature. We are flying from the east coast & renting a car for the week (want to go to the Grand Canyon, Hoover Dam, etc). Will the rates improve closer to the date or should I book it now?

Administrator answers:

I would wait. They post prices by the season. That is a busy season here because the weather is near perfect. This far in advance they have no idea on how room counts will be so they price it high and hope for the long term planners to book ahead. I would wait until a month or two before when they realize they have a low count. That is when they will really discount the room. Note that the Signature is a non-gaming and a non-smoking property though it is connected with the MGM Grand.

Sharon asks…

Is it naturally possible for a hurricane strike Las Vegas?

Just a curious weather question. Obviously the hurricane would have to have moved well east from California and the Pacific Ocean, but would it be possible for a hurricane to affect the city?

Administrator answers:

It’s virtually impossible. Hurricanes need very moist air to fuel them, and the closest body of warm water that might fit the bill is the Gulf of California–the Pacific Ocean off of California is too cold. Hurricanes have been known to move up the Gulf, though, and it’s certainly possible for Yuma, Arizona or El Centro, California to be hit by one, but Las Vegas is too far inland and at too high an elevation to sustain hurricane circulation. There could be heavy rains and strong winds even at Las Vegas though.

Susan asks…

best time to go to las vegas?(next year-considering march for 10 days)and any hotels and tours recommendations

am planning to go to vegas next year but am not too sure about the dates!so any help concerning the best times to go there would be great!am also looking for good hotels and tours there,and any nice stuffs that are worth seeing!finally any good sites where i can get good prices to book online?am in the uk actually.

Administrator answers:

Good for you, someone who actually plans ahead :) )

These are the best sites that I know of for LV info

This one is very up to date on:
Restaurnts/Buffets/Meal Deals

Good source of all-around LV info

For the latest LV hotel promotion codes

These are two very good sites to compare room rates with the hotels own web site.


10 nights is great, but to save money only include one weekend in your stay. Friday/Saturday night are considerable higher than Sunday through Thursday.

Avoid special events and large conventions.

Book your room through the hotel – there are several advantages to this. Go to the web site of any hotels you’re interested in and sign up for e-mail updates, they will send you special offers when they become available, usually 90 days out. As soon as you decide on the dates you need, book the best deal you can find through the hotel you prefer, “then” every week or so check room rates again, you never know when you will find a bargain.

Best time of the year to go.

For the best room rates
#1 – December – After the NFR up until the weekend before New Years

#2 – Memorial Day, for 4 nights – the end of May, first of June “generally” has very good rates, but those 4 nights are a real bargain.

#3 – Labor Day, for 4 nights – pretty much the same as Memorial Day.

#4 – The first of November through the end of February then again from Memorial Day through the Friday following Labor Day are “generally” the best times to go for low rates

If you want the best weather
April/May & September/October

IMO these are generally the best “value” hotels
5 Star
4 Star
Golden Nugget
3 Star
2 1/2 Star
Main Street Station
2 Star
Gold Coast
El Cortez

Best Tours/day trips
Grand Canyon
Mt Charleston – Toiyabe National Forest

Worst tours/day trips
Hoover Dam – horrible traffic, from the construction & terror alert
Red Rock Canyon

Weekend room rates in late March tend to be high – “March Madness” AKA the NCAA basketball tournament is very popular with gamblers/fans. The NCAA tournament involves three weekends.


Sandra asks…

What are some nice places in the united states to visit ?

my parents said i can pick 4 places in the usa to visit and they will pick out a location out of my list to vacation in .. im 14 so i need a place that’s fun..and great for a family to visit (plz dont put las vegas california and florida because i went there last year..
thanks so much

Administrator answers:

Either Hawaii or Disney World in Florida or California. Save New York for warm weather.

David asks…

How to dress in Vegas in March?

I am going to Las Vegas in the beginning of March and do not know what to pack/wear. Help please!

Administrator answers:

Average highs in the 60′s and lows in the mid-40′s but those are only averages.

Assume it probably won’t be hot and that you’ll need a jacket outside at night. But definitely take shorts just in case. You never know.

We always go the first week of April and have hit hot weather a few times. Normally, we get a couple of nights where it’s gorgeous at night and we can walk around outside without jackets. The days are generally in the low-mid 80′s. So you see, the charts are just averages.


Michael asks…

what is the weather like in vegas at the end of october?

I am going to las vegas at the end of october and just wondering what the weather is usually like at that time of year?.
the last time i was in vegas was 7 years ago and it was mid march and pretty cold.

Administrator answers:

Beautiful ! I think it’s the nicest time of the year. I would put my boat on the water and sleep on it during October either on Lake Mead or the River (Lake Mojave). Its warm in the day 70-90 and cool at night 50-70. Plenty warm enough to enjoy the pool. Right now we still have high daytime temps of 100 or so, and every week cools down by a couple of degrees.

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