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Your Questions About Las Vegas Weather

February 10, 2013

Chris asks…

Wheres the best place all-round to live in America?

Whats the best place all-round, considering; natural disasters, weather, and crime. I have been looking at Nevada round about Las Vegas because of the weather etc, is it ok.
I am thinking of moving to USA in few years, but dont know where
Please help, Thanks

Administrator answers:

I would say either the San Francisco Bay Area or San Diego.

In the Bay Area you might have to deal with a big earthquake. Big ones don’t happen often but the Bay Area is due for a big one anytime in the next 30 years. Small ones don’t cause any damage and are kind of exciting, but generally people don’t worry about earthquakes. San Diego doesn’t have major earthquakes b/c it’s too far from the San Andreas fault. The only bad disasters there are wildfires but that only effects people who choose to live way out in the mountains and foothills; if you live in the city you’re fine. People always make a big deal of earthquakes but they are not that bad and are much better than having to deal with hurricanes or tornadoes; they kill far less people and strike much less frequently.

San Diego has the best weather in the country. It’s never too hot or too cold, low humidity, rarely rains, and there is never severe weather. It’s pretty much 65-75 during the day in winter and 75-80 in summer and sunny most of the time too.

San Diego is also one of the safest big cities in America; with a population over 1.3 million it has very few murders for a city of its size.

SD is a big city with tons of things to do year round and there always seems to be some event going on. Even though its a big city with something to do always, it has a small town atmoshpere and isn’t as crowded or congested as LA or the Bay Area. People here are very friendly and laid back; most of us are transplants so you meet people from all over the US.
It’s such a beautiful city with all the hills, valleys, canyons, mesa, and beaches. The mountains and desert are close by if you want a change of scenery. Also other places like LA/Orange County, Mexico, and Las Vegas are nearby. Vegas is about 4.5 hour drive away.

San Diego has such a chill and laid back beach culture too; people dress really casual, are not pretentious, and just enjoy the lifestyle here. So i would check out San Diego and the Bay Area, I love both places so much.

John asks…

Road conditions in New Mexico, Arizona in December? Driving from St. Louis to Las Vegas?

I am planning on driving to Las Vegas from St. Louis on December 29th and Returning January 4th. Im taking I-44 through Missouiri to I-40 through Oklahoma,New Mexico and Arizona. Are the road conditions acceptible this time of year, especially through the mountains, or am I better off flying? Thanks!

Administrator answers:

If you are a AAA member, call them or go in.. They have a list normally to give out that gives winter/weather/road condition ph #s for every state as you go through. They are wonderful for advise on road trips and can also help you with motel/hotel resvs along the way if you want.
You should do ok and that southern route is a good pick. Make sure your car is ready for the trip as well….. Good luck and happy road triiiip!

Michael asks…

How is Phoenix Arizona for visiting?

I’ve been think about a vacation in Phoenix for the weekend at the end of March of 2010.I’ve never been there and the reason why I ask is because I don’t hear much about it like popular cities like L.A Miami,New York, Las Vegas etc. Tell me about general things like weather,the best malls what to look for in the city and whatever else you may want to add.

Administrator answers:

You didn’t mention your age group. We have great museums like the Heard Museum downtown which showcases southwestern art. There are many other tourist attractions here that would be of interest to you. We are the 5th largest city in the US and have the traffic to prove it. The best malls depend upon what you’re looking for but I’d recommend Arrowhead Mall and on the more expensive side there is Scottsdale Fashion Square. Tempe’s Mill Avenue attracts the college crowd. Scottsdale attracts the young and rich. There are a few casinos on the Indian reservations. The Phoenix metropolitan area is a very popular tourist city and is full of “snow birds” every winter filling up our numerous luxury resorts. We have pro sports teams and attract all the big name entertainers. If you’re coming for a weekend you won’t have time to take side trips to the Grand Canyon or Sedona but plan on those for future trips. You’ll need a car in Phoenix. Our public transportation system exists but doesn’t go everywhere. We are located in the valley of the sun surrounded by mountains. The weather should be nice in March.

Donald asks…

What month does it rain the most in Las Vegas?

I’m going in July 13th for 5 days and i’ve been checking the weather and up until this point it’s been sunny no clouds, and now the days i’m going show possible thunderstorms. I thought that it like barely ever rains there?

Administrator answers:

Our monsoon just started the first of July and yes, we seldom have rain but when it does it rains in only sections of the city and some times floods.

Usually August is the worst for rain. But we do have dry storms, thunder, lightning but no rain during the season.

There is projected rain for July 12 and 13th!

Nancy asks…

which hotel should i chose to stay in los angeles?

hi i am celebrating new years in las vegas then i am visiting los angeles in the new year for 4 days i have a chioce between the intercontinental on ave of the stars or the montage in beverley hills. which should i book and why also whats the weather like in january average temp. any tips on things to do in vegas and los angeles my brother and i are going we are in our late twenties. shopping going out etc or anything different.

Administrator answers:

The Intercontinental

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