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Your Questions About Las Vegas Weather

February 11, 2013

Maria asks…

Is it over-rated to dress up your dogs?

I have a tiny short haired chihuahua mix and this is going to be his first Christmas with us since we got him from the shelter. It gets cold here in Las Vegas during winter and I deciding whether or not to get him a jacket or warm clothing. Should I or is it too over-rated. He’s not dressed on a regular basis, but he goes on daily walks and I don’t want him to be cold.

Administrator answers:

Well i think is isn’t over rated. They are like humans in a way. We don’t need a sweater inside but if it is cold out we wear sweaters.
Just don’t cross the ” line” a sweater when he goes outside and nothing inside.
And keep in mind your dog may not like the sweater, but give him time.

Good luck! Enjoy the cold weather

Donna asks…

How do you Win at Sports Betting?

I have seen the movies where guys can pick winners. I have seen guys cashing big winning tickets in the Las Vegas sports books. So how do you win at this? Every year I pick more losers than winners!

Administrator answers:

Two words: Betting Exchanges. You know who always makes money every year? The bookies. At the betting exchanges you can actually play like a bookie since there is no house – just player to player offers to make wagers.

I read a $4 Amazon book called “How to Milk the Betting Exchange Cash Cow” and it completely blew me away. It totally changed how I bet on sports and now I am finally a winning player (that book is an e-book for Kindle devices but Amazon has a free app so you can read it on your PC).

Not just sports, either. At betting exchanges you can bet on the weather, the elections, news stories, American Idol, and every sport there is including golf, Nascar, the Olympics, UFC, you name it. If people are willing to bet on it they have it. Personally I like to play on and and it’s just a matter of knowing how to put up offers which give you an edge and wait for the losing players (like you are right now) to come accept the bets.

This way really works and I urge you to look into it.

Thomas asks…

What is the Aspen Ski Season?

I am planning a trip next year and would like to go ski-ing in Aspen and then onto Las Vegas. Its far in the future but I know the weather in Vegas is lovely around May and I wondered how long the Aspen ski-season is – help please!

Administrator answers:

Most ski resorts don’t stay open just because there’s snow on the ground – they can’t guarantee that the staff can stay, so they have definite opening and closing dates to make sure there are enough people to run the lifts, etc.

Here is the schedule for Aspen and the surrounding mountains for this ski season. It should be roughly the same next year:

2006-2007 Operating Dates
Snowmass November 23, 2006 – April 15, 2007
Aspen Mountain November 18, 2006 – April 15, 2007
Aspen Highlands December 9, 2006 – April 1, 2007
Buttermilk December 9, 2006 – April 1, 2007

NOTE: There would be skiing at Arapahoe Basin in early May. Because they are at 12,000 feet, they stay open until June, although the skiing can get pretty slushy in the spring. If you must go skiing en route to Vegas, it can be had.

Nancy asks…

what to wear to a bonfire party?

I am a 16 year old girl and I live in las vegas. Tomorrow there is going to be a huge bonfire party late at night and i don’t know what to wear. I checked the weather and it says tomorrow night will be about 65 degrees. I already know a lot of girls are going to be wearing dresses and some are going to be wearing jeans and a T-shirt . I just don’t know what I should wear like I want to dress to impress but at the same tie I don’t want to be so cold I cant enjoy myself !

Administrator answers:

You should wear some dark wash jeans, and a nice top.
I don’t know what your body type is, but if you can rock skinny jeans, then go for those.
Wear a nice baby doll top. Maybe with sleeves, since it will be a little chilly.
And ballet flats.
Add some fun jewelry to it, and you have a cute, warm, comfortable outfit for a bonfire!

Joseph asks…

how cold or hot is this temperature?

Im planning on going to Las vegas in june and online says the average temperature for the month of june is
Low: 69° F (21° C)
High: 100° F (38° C)

I honestly do not know if it is cold/hot or slightly cold/hot? Is it a sweater/long sleeve type of weather or is it a tank top and shorts type of weather?

Administrator answers:

100 degrees = tank top

69 degrees = pants maybe a light jacket

William asks…

What to do in Vegas during the day?

I’m planning my buddy’s bachelor party in Vegas and I know there is tons to do at night. What is there to do in the day time to help pass the time so that everyone is not just sitting around twiddling their thumbs waiting for night to roll around. I look forward to hearing some suggestions!

Administrator answers:

I just got back from a trip to Las Vegas and there was plenty to do to keep yourself busy during the day. You can go casino-hopping, take pics, check out the places to eat (buffets are overly priced unless you take advantage of the all-day specials), go on the rollercoaster at the New York Hotel/Casino, check out the indoors amusement park at Circus Circus (it’s not just for kids!), go to the Strastosphere, go on a tour, take the free shuttle from Harrah’s to Smithtown (you’ll have better luck at the casinos OFF THE STRIP), lay out by the pool (weather permitting) at the hotel where you’re staying if they have one, etc.

Laura asks…

What is the best time of the year to camp near Las Vegas?

I ask this in terms of weather, fun, safety, etc…

Administrator answers:

I would say fall or spring because it’s not as hot. Spring would probably be better for safety because it stays lighter longer and maybe for fun as things are starting to open for the summer season.

David asks…

Where would you go for a vacation?

When you take into account, weather, cost, things to do as an adult, convenience and safety, where would you go and when? For example, as an adult I think going to Las Vegas the last week of September or the first week of October on a Monday thru Thrusday would meet all my requirements listed above. What would you say and why?

Administrator answers:

British Virgin Islands… the north sound of virgin gorda is an amazin place its called the bitter end yacht club….i have been there once and i must go back……there are so many different places to see and many spots near the island to go fishing, snorkling, and scuba diving, including right infront of Sir Richard Bransons private island…;)….all in all there really is alot to do and the food and lodge is spectacular you can either have a room or rent a yacht and there are many different islands to go to including anagoda which is where the baths are….truely amazing sight…..i would go during spring break (march) for two weeks……hope i helped!..:)…x

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