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Your Questions About Las Vegas Weather

February 14, 2013

Jenny asks…

University of Las Vegas or Cal State University Northridge?

If anyone has attended any of these schools, can you give any info on them? I’m just planning on going for one semester, lets say for the weather and basically for fun. And also obviously, Education. More of towards the environmental area.
Thank you!

Administrator answers:

What state are you from CSUN accepts anybody

William asks…

WHat would you recommend for site seeing in Las Vegas?

Someone told me about the grand canyon glass bridge, what would you recommend? Also is Aug a good time to go, I know the weather is quite hot at that time of the year. What is the best time to go?

Administrator answers:

August is still a hot month in Las Vegas but you can still have a lot of fun in August because all the pools are open. However the better months to vacation in Vegas are Sept, Oct, May & June. The Grand Canyon Sky walk is a waste of money. If you must visit the Grand Canyon, visit the South Rim. It’s much better and gives you a better view of the Canyon.
Here are fun things to do in Las Vegas.

Sandra asks…

What is the better Las Vegas Hotel? The Riviera or Stratosphere?

We are going to Las Vegas in November. I was wondering which Hotel is better: The Riviera or the Stratosphere? Also, what’s the weather gonna be like in Vegas at the beginning of November? And where do they have the $5 craps tables on the strip? Please suggest some good casinos to go to :)

Thank youuuuuuu :D

Administrator answers:

The Stratosphere is the nicer hotel, but its location is pretty bad. The Riviera isn’t that great a place, but it has a better location on the strip (still not a good location though).

Weather is usually warmish (60s-70s) during the day and cool (40s) at night in November.

Ken asks…

Planning a day trip to Zion National Park?

Driving from Las Vegas, a day trip to Zion National Park with kids, any suggestions what area should we plan on seeing? Also, what is the weather like over there in early October?


Administrator answers:

Weather should be comfortable and it is most likely gonna be sunny as Zion NP is in a dry climate

average high in October 78
average low 49
and it gets 0.90 inches of precipitation in October, on average

I went to Zion from Vegas a couple of years ago. Remember, you lose an hour when you cross the state line into Utah. I spent about 5 hours in the park. If you arrive after 10 or 11 pm, you need to take the shuttle bus to the various sites in the park, most of them are on the main road that runs through the center of the park. I took several stops along the way, including one at the Patriarchs, and another where I took a short hike near the Emerald Pools, and another near the Weeping Rock. I ran out of time before seeing Sinawava

there are also ranger led activities and a few museums there too
Here is the link to Zion NP

Daniel asks…

Anyone know any good golf courses in Las Vegas that are not too expensive or too far from the strip?

I am planning a trip 1st week of April and have never played golf in Las Vegas before. Just curious to hear of any first hand experience of the golf courses in the area.

Administrator answers:

Vince, April sounds like good golf weather time. Try on line under Las Vegas public golf courses. They have maps of course, addresses and telephone numbers. Also some prices listed on courses from $15 – !00 a game. There are some listings also about range ball purchases and tee times. This search should give you all the information you need for your trip.

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