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Your Questions About Las Vegas Weather

February 21, 2013

George asks…

Anyone have advice for attending Monster Jam World Finals in Las Vegas in March?

We will be attending this event in March for the 1st time. Also our 1st trip to Vegas. We will have children with us so I am looking for advice/tips from those who have attended this event in previous years.

Administrator answers:

It’s an awesome experience, if your kids enjoy the Monster Trucks n stuff ( I took my nephew a couple years ago). Depending on weather, it will most likely be warm during the day and it cools off at night, so make sure to pack sun block and a light jacket. Also, it gets VERY loud so ear plugs or ear muffs for the kids might be a good idea.

Nancy asks…

Is Las Vegas a complete overrated tourist trap?

So they got casinos for donations, pool party’s, dance clubs..Also the expensive restaurants for mediocre food the gratuity expectation is a waste..
I’d rather throw a party in my own swimming pool then a pool 2,000 urinated in & avoid the clubs & save my $ & not have to wait in line to get in..
better to go to moms house for a great free meal..
What is the attraction to las vegas?

Administrator answers:

I take Vegas for granted on a regular basis and I’ve lived here over 25 years, I grew up here. Most people are drawn to the 24/7 lifestyle. You can find any kind of food, swimming, groceries, parties, clubs, pool tables, sports, gambling, shopping, wide array of shows, etc at ANY time of the day or night. Plus the benefits of a normal urban city with movies, clubs, nightlife, concerts, etc.

If you stay away from the main STRIP, prices around town are the same you would find anywhere else in the country…it’s the same if you go to the Burger King in the airport or Disneyland, you are gonna pay $8 for a burger whereas you would normally only pay $2. Charge more where the tourists thrive, because they pay more for the convenience. Downtown and Fremont Street is older Las Vegas, you find alot better deals there for drinks, etc.

As far as tipping? That’s customary anywhere you go that customer service is a priority, and Las Vegas is 90% customer service. Do you want help to your hotel room? You tip the bellman, if not you carry the bags yourself. Do you want more the cocktail servier to walk in her 5″ heels all the way around the casino to the bar to get your drinks? You tip her, if not you go to the bar yourself (regardless the bartender makes or gets your drink, you leave at least $1 per drink), otherwise go to the store and buy your own liquor and mix it yourself. Basically you are paying for convenience, it’s common sense.

Also, most people love our weather, we have no “natural disaster” times of the year. No tornados, blizzards, hurricanes, earthquakes, etc. We get the occasional wind storm, and during the summer we get occasional monsoon flooding ( not so much anymore with the new flood channels in effect ), and eccessive heat warnings (up to 120 degrees) in the middle of summer. Other than that, the weather is unbeatable 350 days out of the year, which makes Vegas the perfect travel destination.

BTW: You COULD throw a party at your own pool, keep in mind that so many bodies in a pool are gonna mean more chemicals needed to sterilize, plus the cleanup after. The cost of food and drink to feed the hungry crowd, power bill to play the music and air condition the areas for people who need a break from the sun. And the entire cleanup after the party, trash, etc.

Laura asks…

I’m going to Las Vegas this weekend for my mom’s birthday, what stuff is their to do?

I’ll be going to Vegas with my mom for her birthday, just me and her. What is their to do in Las Vegas that won’t break the bank. We are already going to watch the Lion King at Mandalay Bay and will be staying at Planet Hollywood. Will the pools be open this weekend with the weather being in the 80′s in Las Vegas?

Administrator answers:

There are rides at Stratosphere, New York New York, Sahara and others.

Tell your mom happy b-day. I’ll be flying in on Monday (my b-day is Tuesday)…

Lisa asks…

Does anyone have any information on driving to las vegas from alberta,canada?

What I mean is what would it be like to drive down there in december? i was wondering what the rest of the states have for weather at winter if they have winter. And anything else anyone one has to offer.

Administrator answers:

I’m assuming you’re travelling down the I-15.

It’s identicle to Southern Albertan prairies all the way down past Great Falls, then you hit mountains. Mountains and valleys characterize the whole way down to Dillon. Pocatello is valley-like (and has really cool volcanic rock on the highway). Utah gets alot drier, and Southern Utah doesn’t get too much snow. Except snow all the way down until Southern Utah, becuase the highway goes through some high elevations.

After that you’ll hit a small stretch of Arizona past St. George and Cedar City, Utah (that’s pretty much in the desert). When you go out the other side there is no snow, and the temperature can be pretty warm in December in Southern Nevada.

I usually go down there once a year in January. It can get 20 C to 25 C in Vegas then, but it’s not overly warm (compared to what it is now). But yes, you will see snow and ice all the way down to the middle of Utah at least.

Make sure you have winter tires.

Susan asks…

What are the pros and cons of living in Las Vegas?

And what is the normal travel time between South Cali (specifically Orange County) and Vegas? I’ve never really paid attention to how long it took to get to Vegas.

Thanks for any replies. =0)

Administrator answers:

It is about a 4 hour trip depending on driving habits.

The pro side is the weather. The sun shines nearly every day here. Great diversity of people means you are able to find someone from where you come from living here. The crime rate is low compared to other major cities. The cost of living is pretty good here. Always something to do and somewhere to go no matter what day or time. The energy level is so high here especially on the strip that if you feel down all you have to do is go there and get energized. The entertainment is second to none. The restaurants are amazing here. No matter what your taste you can find one to suite your needs.

Cons are the traffic. Mainly the drivers, they are the worlds worse. Traffic signals and speed limits are only a suggestion to them. Accidents galore here. Try to travel anywhere near the strip or on the freeway on Friday afternoon or evening and you will see what I mean. The school system leaves a lot to be desired. The heat in the summer is something you either love or hate. You have to drive anywhere you want to go. The bus system is from the 50′s. Not the buses just the routes and the way it is run. That is a story in its own. The police think they are in the old west.

Charles asks…

Best state to go to in the summer, I need it for a story?

In my story around May my character goes on vacation and it’s suppose to be a memorable place. Where should it be? It can’t be New York, California, Florida and Las Vegas. Thanks.

Administrator answers:

Oregon or Washington State! I went there in June one year and its absolutely breath taking (the coast)! The weather can still be a lil bit chilly tho. Not sure if u wanted a warm climate or not.

Columbia River in Washington state


Linda asks…

How is the weather in Las Vegas around early to mid January?

I’m just a little curious. I plan on visiting around that time. I live in Alaska so what might be cold for you could be warm for me. Just keep that in mind.
Thank You!!

Administrator answers:

Early January it will be in the 30s to 40s at night and 50s to 60s during the day. Rain is possible.

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