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Your Questions About Las Vegas Weather

February 24, 2013

Laura asks…

How do I change Weather default?

I want to change the weather at the top of the page from Las Vegas NV to Cincinnati OH

Administrator answers:

Type in the city name and state

Steven asks…

What are the reasons British tourists like to visit Vegas?

I know it’s to party and gamble but you’d be surprised how many other different reasons they come to Vegas. I’d like to hear them, especially from UK citizen themselves.

Administrator answers:

You can gamble quite legally in the UK & betting shops for horse/dog racing have been legal since the early 1960′s , I guess people go to Las Vegas cos the prises are bigger and the weather is better.

George asks…

What are good places in Las Vegas to buy a new home?

I don’t know the area that well and I’m moving from southern California for work. I want to live in a safe,and quiet area with good schools.

Administrator answers:

Anthem, Eagle Hills, Summerlin, The Lakes, Lake Las Vegas, El Dorado, Aliente. I don’t care for Green Valley or the southwestern side of the valley. Avoid central and the eastern corridor and the east portion of the valley (Hollywood Ave. Area) South, has the noise of the airport.

As to a prior answer. It’s 76 degrees all the time in the Las Vegas I live in except when the car a/c is cooling down. I lived in So Cal for 40+ years, Vegas 20+. The Vegas weather beats the heck out of So Cal. I worked outside my entire life and really know the difference. Here, it is Hot for 6-8 weeks, cold 4 weeks, and beautiful the remainder. It has been hotter in LA than here for the last 2 weeks and we have not had any rain. Schools suck everywhere, because it’s all the same district. Our teachers are paid 49th in the Nation, so we only draw those who cannot find a better job. Our test scores beat Mississippi, or they did at one time. El Dorado seems to have some good schools. It’s not so affluent that everyone uses private schools and affluent enough that parents seem to participate more.

Lisa asks…

How is the bus system in Las Vegas compared to Henderson?

I’m narrowing my choices down to Henderson and Summerlin, but I have one more question about the mass transportation. I will have a car no doubt, but I like to take public transportation as much as possible. Would it be possible from both locations or is one locations better than the other as far as mass transportation?

Administrator answers:

Our mass-transit is not good. And we only have one bus service that covers Las Vegas and Henderson.

Here’s the route map.


If you really want to use it, get a place that’s pretty close to a stop. There’s nothing like walking to the bus stop and then waiting 50mins in 115F weather. I’ve had a lot of workers who have used our mass-transit and some days they’d be 2-3 hours late because they missed just 1 transfer. This is not an efficient transit system at all.

Thomas asks…

Is it possible to raise backyard chickens in Las Vegas?

I have a good size back yard but don’t know if chickens will live ok in the heat or when it gets really cold here in Vegas.

Administrator answers:

First check with your city hall to find out if you can infact build a chicken coop in your backyard. Then take the weather into account, heat or cold and make sure your coop is free from the elements to give them a safe warm/cool retreat. Remember this is their home. Check out for more information.

Sandra asks…

Will I get bored if I move to Washington DC?

I have lived in Las Vegas my whole life. After 24 years I’m sick of this place I just like how most things are 24 hours and you can run errands almost anytime. Going to the strip and all the big clubs has gotten old. I have some family/friends in the DC area but they say I wont like it because folks there in general tend to be uptight, conservative and not so laid back like us folks from the west coast. Could you feed me some input?

Administrator answers:

I’ve lived in Las Vegas as well as DC. They are both very different from each other. The other posters are right, the past is much faster than Las Vegas. And while Las Vegas’ business is mostly around the gaming/casino business, DC’s main business – no surprise there – is the government.

The weather is much different – the humidity will take some getting used to, although after living in Vegas, you might welcome the colder weather in the winter.

There are a ton of people in their 20′s and 30′s, and while the nightlife is not nearly as raucous or active as in Las Vegas, I found it’s pretty easy to meet new people.

There’s lots of stuff to do in DC, there are nice parks to hike and walk around in, lots of cultural stuff, funky neighborhoods where you can shop and eat, etc.

I’d give it a try and see if you like it.

Carol asks…

Has anyone had a nice wedding in Las Vegas?

Hi, we just got engaged! We want to get married this August, and are leaning towards a destination wedding. We are out of the country for the next few months and want a wedding that will be easily accessible for visitors who are spread out around the U.S. We won’t have a lot of time to do planning, so something all inclusive would be perfect for our situation. I read information on Mandalay Bay and The Bellagio in Las Vegas. Any personal advice on Las Vegas destination weddings?

Administrator answers:

Hi, Congratulations!

Well, I got married in Vegas and had an AMAZING weeding, we did it out in Lake las Vegas, at the hyatt, the staff was so nice, I told them how much $$ I had and they worked around it to make the best of my money and they did! I had a wedding planner, the ceremony was in a beautiful gazebo by the lake overlooking the desert! The gazebo is behind this building so it was covering the sun, so perfect weather, then inside the ballroom everything was so magical, they did a great job and is really beautiful out there, now if you want to marry right on the strip the bellagio is a great option or the venetian, they usually have diferent packages depends on your taste and what you want, but yeah, they will include everything and you wont have to worry about anything! Thats key, try not to hire people separate because if they dont show the hotel is not responsable, is nice when the hotel hire everything and you can enjoy your day! The hotels also include your hair, a massage and a pedicure if you want! For you and your party :) enjoy…

Lizzie asks…

Can you reccommend reasonable places in Las Vegas?

Planning on going to Vegas in early March. What hotels are reasonable in prices and what are some of the attractions you reccommend to see and do? Hows the weather/ Thanks!

Administrator answers:

The weather in March is gorgeous, around 65-70 degrees. I’ve been to Vegas a few times in March and have always enjoyed it. Don’t forget to pack a few sweaters and maybe a light jacket for the evenings. I’ve found good deals on hotels at Flamingo (great location, mid-strip), Bally’s, Imperial Palace, etc. Not the most glamorous places to stay, but reasonable in price and in a convenient location. Try Orbitz, I’ve had good luck there.packaging it along with my flight. Do a quick Google search for “Orbitz coupons” for addition discounts (I found a coupon for $75 off). Definitely check out the Bellagio fountains and conservatory (botanical gardens), Cirque du Soleil shows (in order of my fave- Mystere, O, Zumanity), eat at the Planet Hollywood (previously Aladdin) buffet, take a trip out to Hoover Dam or Red Rock.. I could go on and on! Good luck!

James asks…

What is the weather like in Las Vegas in mid to late September?

If anyone has been to LV in mid to late September, what was the weather like? What should I pack?

Administrator answers:

Very pleasant; warm but not unbearably hot; moreover, remember it’s dry in Vegas so it does not feel as hot or as cold as the temperatures suggest. Basically jeans and T-Shirt will be fine most of the time + comfortable shoes. It never hurts, where you go (unless it’s the Caribbeans in the middle of the summer) to bring one jacket; in Vegas during late September I bring a jeans jacket.

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