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Your Questions About Las Vegas Weather

July 28, 2013

Charles asks…

Is LasVegas strip going to feel the impact of the recession b/c we have alot of tourist that come?

I know where in recession right now but when will it or if it does affect vegas. See cuz we get alot of business people and tourist that come to vegas. I bad will it be will it take a yr or acouple yrs till vegas starts feeling the impact? What kind of business will get effected too?

Administrator answers:

It so happens that the Las Vegas Sun published an article on January 27, 2008, “How Vegas Could Weather a Recession,” that discusses this very subject. (See link, below.)

Las Vegas has weathered previous recessions reasonably well, but it has undergone changes in recent years that make it more vulnerable. The Sun article quotes Bill Eadington, an economics professor at UNR who studies the casino industry, as follows:.

• The economy is twice as dependent on conventions for tourism growth as it was in the early 1990s. That could become problematic because employers are likely to cut back on sending convention delegates and providing expense accounts during downturns. (Already, MGM Mirage says bookings for conventions have slowed from years past and could flat-line for Las Vegas this year.)

• Las Vegas has become a more expensive place to play and live, discouraging budget travelers and prospective residents during rough economic periods.

• Visitors who do come are more likely to cut back on entertainment, dining and shopping than they are to stop gambling, even during tougher times. For the big Strip operators, who have invested hundreds of millions of dollars in nongaming amenities to widen Las Vegas’ appeal to folks who don’t gamble, gambling has become a minority revenue stream, making operators potentially more vulnerable to economic swings.

• The national housing crisis and the credit crunch are pummeling Las Vegas. We already lead the nation in the rate of foreclosures, and would-be homeowners are finding it hard to take advantage of plummeting housing prices because they can’t qualify for mortgages from an industry shaken by subprime loans.

You’ll just have to see how things work out.

Michael asks…

Is there any rain expected in Las Vegas in the next two weeks?

I have a trip on May 8th-10th to Vegas and I do not know what type of clothes to take. I really want to take maxi dresses. I am limited to my packing so I can’t exactly pack too much. so knowing how the weather may be might help!! Thanks people! I appreciate it
whats sp idk wat that means

Administrator answers:

You can go to this site and in the middle of the page is the current weather in Las Vegas. You can click on Plan your trip and it will tell you what the weather will be and what it was for the last 15 years. Just type in the dates you will be here. Just remember it can rain at any time but here in Vegas they are usually just short down bursts and disappear quickly.

John asks…

Can you rank these cities from most fun to least fun for a vacation?

Los Angeles
Las Vegas

plus give some details about each city…

Administrator answers:

For a VACATION, NYC is the most fun (not to live). There is lots and lots to do. Great food and yummy drinks. Everything is close together so you don’t have to worry about how you will get around. This is not the most fun, if you want a vacation where you lie around and get a tan.

Los Angeles – still has tons to do. The weather is generally very nice and it has a much more laid back personally. The worst thing about LA for a vacation is that it is so spread out, it’s hard to determine where to stay (you are going to have to deal with driving where ever you choose) and the attractions are often very far about 30-50 miles. The best way to see LA is by renting a car but also can be a pain when you are on vacation because you are not comfortable driving in an unknown area.
- LA is by FAR the best city to live.

Las Vegas = it’s got some things to do. It’s “exciting” but it’s really a lot of the during exactly the same place but only in a different place = look at the casinos, gamble, eat… The things that break this up like the Shark Tank or Animal Forest only take a few minutes and are very expensive.

Orlando – it’s just a boring city that is not very enjoyable.

Daniel asks…

When is the cheapest time of year to stay in Las Vegas?

Was just wondering when the cheapest time of year is to stay in vegas, we usually stay at the Wynn but would like to stay a bit longer this time, could be last trip for a while, so wanted to know when is cheapest time to go and also what is the weather like at that time?

Administrator answers:

One of the cheapest times is in the summer, because of the horrible heat. I would never go to Vegas at that time, even if the hotels were free. It’s like an oven in the summer.

I usually go in January, and I’ve been able to get some great bargains at that time. Since it’s after the holidays, most hotels, including those in Las Vegas, are willing to lower their rates. The weather is fantastic that time of year. Great for sightseeing and everything else. I highly recommend traveling to Las Vegas in January.

Carol asks…

Rose buds won’t bloom, may be shocked from moving?

All our rose bushes are in very large clay pots. About 3 weeks ago we moved all of them from Los Angeles (what a job that was!) to our new home in Las Vegas. It has not been hot here yet (70′s, windy) but many of the buds start to come out and then stop and go brownish.
I have applied Miracle Grow rose food, but may be watering too much. They are getting morning and noon sun, in semi-shade after 3 pm.
Any suggestions?

Administrator answers:

~*~When a rose bush looks healthy but the flowers don’t then it may be an insect that is causing the problem. Take a piece of paper and hit the buds over it and see if there are any small bugs showing. If there are then there is a small fly like insect called a midge which lays it’s eggs at the base of the flower buds. When the larvae hatch they feed on the rose bud. Thy are very very tiny but they still do enough damage that the flower will be damaged. Any rose insecticide will solve your problem. When you use the spray pay special attention to all the buds as that is where the midge will be. The other reason could be botritis. This is when the weather is warm and then cold at night, so it partially rots the flowers before they open. There is nothing you can do about it and when the weather returns to being constantly warm, the problem will go away. Hope this helps.

Donald asks…

How can I keep my car cool without an air conditioner?

I have a red Chevy Venture, and on Saturday I will be taking a 1.5 hour drive north to pick up my next foster dog, and then 1.5 hours back…Only problem is that my air conditioner doesn’t work, and neither does my passenger window. So in the 100 degree weather the only way I can cool off my car is by using the driver side window, and it doesn’t do much good?

How can I keep the car(myself and two dogs) cool on the ride there and back?

Administrator answers:

I used to live in California and had a Canadian model Dodge with no air conditioning. I have even driven the car to Las Vegas in June in 110F heat.

What I did was to wear cotton fabric pants that went down at least to my knees. Then when it was too hot, I poured bottled water over my legs. As it evaporated my legs would get cold and chill the blood flowing through my legs which would then cool me off all over.

You must use bottled water as tap water has minerals in it that will leave stains. Only use enough to get the pants damp but not enough to get the car seat wet.

Repeat every 10 minutes or so.

For the dogs, let them stick their head out the window. Every half hour, stop and soak the fur on their back with water. Also make sure they drink when you stop. If they cannot put their heads out the window, make sure they have a breeze where they are.

Joseph asks…

What to put into a gift for graduating sister (Details inside)?

My little sister is graduating from high school this year and I’m going to buy her a hamper and fill it with dorm essentials. However, I’m not exactly sure what all to put in it. I’ve never lived in the dorms (I went the financially cheaper community college route). She’s going to school in Las Vegas so she won’t need lots of “cold weather” items. Best Answer gets 10 points!!!

Administrator answers:

If she’s a girl a serious essential is a full length mirror – I know that sounds shallow, but my entire dorm building when I dormed freshman year didn’t have ONE, and they’re just nice to have when you need them. A cork bulletin board (for reminders and pictures), picture frames, detergent, soaps (only for shower, they usually don’t have baths in dorm bathrooms), food (like Ramen Noodles and other nonperishables). I don’t know how expensive you’re looking to go, but George Foreman grill fed me all the way to the present, in my senior year. Notebooks, clothes, pens, highlighters, maybe some desk accessories (like organizers), a TI calculator (she’ll need it at least once since you have to statistics in almost every program now), pillows, bedspread and sheets (cute pink ones or something), and agenda for assignments, dictionary/thesaurus, even gift cards to chain stores so she can get some stuff she might need while she’s out there. Just go to Target, they have aisles of stuff for college students.
Good luck!

Laura asks…

How is the weather in Nevada?

Going to Las Vegas, Nevada at the end of January. I’m coming from PA, is the weather much different, colder/warmer. Does it snow in Las Vegas and it’s 100 mile radius. I would really appreciate complete answers. Thank you.

Administrator answers:

50s and cool for us
from pennsy hapyy willl be nice

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