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August 25, 2013

Mandy asks…

Is it safe to shave my Pomeranian for the summer?

I know the Texas weather is very uncomfortable for my long-haired, two-coated dog, but I have also heard that shaving him would eliminate his natural “cooling system” and his skin’s protection from the sun.

Administrator answers:

I have three Pomeranians and I give them all Lion Cuts every summer. I live in Las Vegas, so it gets VERY hot here, too. It is safe to shave them, just remember that small dogs gain and lose body heat much more quickly than large dogs, so don’t leave your Pomeranian outside for extended periods of time. Also, your dog could be prone to sunburn if you shave the hair too short. There should always be some “stubble” left, never shave all the way to the skin. A good qualified groomer will be knowledgable enough to do this properly. Also, if you are interested in teaching your Pomeranian to swim, it is much easier for them without all the extra fur. Best of luck to you and your best friend. ….

Paul asks…

LADIES: What clothes would you advise someone from a tropical country to wear in the US?

I’m from the Philippines and I’ve only been to Singapore twice. I’m going to 4 different states in October (New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Las Vegas).

Administrator answers:

Well i have to say don’t try to pull off random colored clothing at first, start with jean pants or jean shorts, depending on the weather. As for shirts, almost anything is expected and accepted in this country, that’s the beauty of our country (:

Maria asks…

Where should I take a short driving trip from Southern California?

I just bought a Subaru BRZ and want to get away from my hometown for a long exciting solo drive. I was thinking of either going to NorCal or to Arizona. I want a path that will offer me a lot of turns without a lot of other cars or bad weather. Only planning on crashing at cheap motels for a couple nights.

Administrator answers:

You can head to:
Death Valley
Las vegas
Joshua tree NP
santa Crz
san Francisco
Grand canyon
Sequouia/Kings canyon NP

Chris asks…

Where would the best place be to live with kids in the Vegas area ?

Where in Nevada would be the best place to live with kids ? I want somewhere with good weather (Sunny all the time, no snow), safe/low crime, fun, a lot of stuff/entertainment for kids. I was considering Las Vegas, Henderson, Summerlin ?, etc. If anyone has any suggestions please advise. If you feel any of these places is not suitable to settle down with kids (and single mom) please also advise. Can live anywhere in U.S.A. (but do not like cold grey weather)…..

Administrator answers:

The northwest section of North Las Vegas is pretty nice, many newer neighborhoods, and some well-established older ones. Same with Green Valley and Henderson. I personally would avoid Summerlin, because of the high crime rate, and I would also avoid anywhere downtown Las Vegas or North Las Vegas, for the same reason. Las Vegas can get very hot in the summer (118 degrees) but if you can stand this level of heat if the humidity is less than 15%. More than that and it gets like a steam bath, much like the Phoenix valley can get.

Charles asks…

What is the best place to visit in January in USA?

I am looking for warm/hot weather. It seems las vegas areas is cold. How abt florida ? Any islands ?
thanks in advance

Administrator answers:

Death Valley, CA
Yuma, AZ

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